findU needs your help

It has been days since a solid report of reception has come in, it is certain SuitSat's batteries have died. Thanks to all who participated in this experiment!

This page shows manually entered reports from people who heard SuitSat.

Report List Click here to see times in absolute UTC

Received by Age (dd:hh:mm:ss)signalmission timetemperaturevoltagecomments
F6BYJ 4623:01:29:54   20 Fev 22:30tu - 49° elév. hrd and no SSB carrier - Gd bye SuitSat 
kd6fwd 4623:06:30:551   somthing breaking squelch every 45 seconds very weak 145.990 
ei7bfb 4623:11:09:38   Nothing heard on 145.990mhz from suitsat this pass. 
K7IP 4625:04:05:18   89 degree pass at 0519z, nothing heard on 11 elements 
kb0zuu 4625:05:50:371   some breaks in static extremely faint voice 1 or 2 times 
N0YOX 4625:05:59:59   With Squelch open I had one full quieting kerchunck don_t know what it was but I have a recording. It happened while Suitsat was at 77 degrees. 73_s 
SQ9SY 4625:10:20:49   Nothing heard at 61 deg. elev. , no SSB carrier, SuitSat1 is probably dead :( 
DJ3AK 4625:16:13:06   no signals at 17.Feb 23:00z pass; later passes also no signal 
VE6BLD 4626:01:38:32   Well the last pass at 01.13 am and 67 degrees elevation nothing heard !!I think unafficially that suit sat is dead! It has been a real pleasure capturing all the audio.73 Bob VE6BLD 
KC7GZC 4626:03:05:111   packet bursts with cw id, good carrier but faint woman_s voice 
N1ASA 4626:04:29:321   Composite SSTV image appears to be Canadarm2 against earth background 
Mouse 4626:07:19:08   Received on handheld scanner with home made yagi. Heard data bursts with a voice in Russian. 
n4wd 4626:07:49:211   carrrier strong enough to track, low voice, iss cross band destorted 8 min. later 
Mouse 4626:08:46:343   received on handscanner and an yagi on 437.800. Heard a few data bursts and then a male voice saying:_coming out the other way_. The rest of the voice was untintelligible as suit sat passed over. 
dc9bg 4626:09:11:172   first female than male voice - strong qsb - indoor 10el Yagi 
N4WD 4626:10:10:051   carrier loud enough to track, short burst voice, cross band iss destorted 
KD4UYP 4626:22:39:561   Strong Carrier this time... heard voice but buried in static... 
KC0ISW 4626:22:40:223   heard This is suitsat-1 r followed by static. using a 5/8 wave 
KA3JAW/4 4626:22:50:541   AO-54 Detected, Five second carrier, RF signal 1.05 db at 11:03:47 UTC on 145.990, FM, Ant. AZ: 045, EL: 037 deg.  
KB1GVR 4627:04:55:451   !st time heard Suitsat, Russian Voice for 3 or 4 seconds. 31degs. nw 
N0YOX 4627:05:05:031   clearly heard female voice id with arrow antenna and HT 77 degree pass 
KA3JAW/4 4627:06:35:112   AO-54 Detected, Heard 20 seconds of female ID from 03:00:24 thru 03:00:44, RF Signal 1.0 - 2.0, 145.990, FM, Ant. AZ: 315, EL 072 
DJ3AK 4627:07:57:073   CW-ID ..=RS then SSTV Picture with some sharp details (see aj3u) on 145.990FM 
PD0RKC 4627:07:58:131   Good Signal, heard USA msg with special word FREEDOM! also weak SSTV picture, I will send audio to AJ3U site! 
DJ3AK 4627:09:32:092   THIS IS SUITSAT-1 AMATEUR RADIO STATION RS0RS and then spanish/german with special word ZUKUNFT on 145.990FM 
PD0RKC 4627:09:32:401   Heard SUITSAT id with Russian voice msg (weak) 73_s SUITSAT info: 
hg2ecz 4627:11:01:223   carrier (LSB mode): 
dc9bg 4627:11:09:553   3 times 1 seconds strong carrier S7 on indoor ant 
KI6BGI 4627:19:59:251   At 75°, almost full quieting 2X _2 seconds apart, at 89°, man_s voice 2X, then girl_s voice *This is SuitSat 1*, Arrow antenna & Kenwood TH-F6A HT. 
KC5TRB 4627:21:28:101   Heard weak intermittent SSTV (not decodable). 
VE6BLD 4627:23:10:345   Hello, at 03.30 I have a good foreign language clip, at 03.31 an excellent USA English with special word FREEDOM at 68 degrees,then at 03.32 cw id and SSTV. See AJ3U for audio reports 73 Bob  
VE6BLD 4628:00:46:285  24.0Good morning,..At 01.54 copied end of sstv at 25 degrees, 01.55 good telemetry at 50 degrees, 01.56 excellent foreign langauge S9 + at 78 degrees,last 2 weak audio at 30 and 18 degrees.See AJ3u for files.73 Bob 
F6BYJ 4628:04:50:482   0429tu - Elv 79° - Good signals with strong QSB - Beginning of Msg well with the top of the noise...  
N9PSE 4628:05:22:481   Vy wk, unintelligible voice and doppler-shifted CW: 4 el yagi. TKS! 
N2JPE 4628:05:23:082   Signal up and down then heard This Is Suitsat using a homebrew 3 element yagi and PR10 preamp on a 60 degree pass 
W2DPT 4628:05:23:311   recorded all but the elusive Telemetry data -I_ll keep poking at it 73 
VIKING-DX CLUB 4628:05:24:351   * Weak voice signal with heavy QSB/fading * 
DJ3AK 4628:06:45:272   ...RS0RS, then english female voice with special word on 145.990 FM at 47 degrees max elev. 
PD0RKC 4628:06:46:151   Heard SUITSAT id, and a part of Japanese msg 
DJ3AK 4628:08:20:143   male russian voice message received on 145.990 FM at 76 degrees elev... good audio 
PD0RKC 4628:08:21:281   GREAT!!! Heard SUITSAT ID with telemetry and msg, I will send to AJ3U site! 
MI3EPN 4628:08:22:461   Very weak, buried in the static barely audible voice in background {Kenwood TS-2000 & 13dB Log periodic} 
dc9bg 4628:09:56:391   vy weak but still alive hrd on indoor yagi 145990 
ZL2FNF` 4628:10:45:411   Still audible as FM modulated carrier on 145.99 - not strong enough to copy FM 
KD4UYP 4628:21:50:501   Got a couple of seconds of sstv audio as well as some audio buried in the static.. trying to clean up 
VE6BLD 4628:21:59:302   This pass at 04.41 I copied english at 39 degrees and foreign audio at 37 degrees, then last very weak audio at 19 degrees .See AJ3U for files and previous SSTV picture. 73 Bob Lacombe Ab. Canada 
VE6BLD 4628:23:19:025 13 132.5Hello from Lacombe, I copied good SSTV at 03.07am with 3 text lines!!yahoo..telemetry at 03.08 15 degrees C. See AJ3U for sstv pic and files.73 .Bob 
K1LEF 4628:23:22:321   Heard SSTV very faint. 
WB6KDH 4629:02:46:531   weak, with heavy QSB - _RS0RS_ ID, followed by male voice and quieting total of 39sec. 06:54:44utc, heard past zenith of 70º (57º), 4-element Yagi, VX-5R, no preamp. Still exciting to copy Suitsat, even though weak. 
KB8KPV 4629:04:01:141   Herd faint mans voice then Childs voice (05:27:00 UTC) 
KA3JAW/4 4629:05:50:051   AO-54 Detected, Three carriers _ 03:47:55, 03:48:10, 03:49:00, RF Signal between 0.75 - 1.25 db, 145.990, FM 
DJ3AK 4629:07:07:512   first telemetry received here: mission time 0????, temperature ..teen degrees, battery voltage 25 Volts (this was very clear to understand, no decimal point in value just twentyfive volts), then pause and afterwards: THIS IS SUITSAT-1... over 1min of audi 
PD0RKC 4629:07:10:531   Suitsat VOICE! CW and yes!!!-> long time SSTV (strong moments!). 
PD0RKC 4629:08:38:201   Heard SUITSAT voice (weak) but I have to analaze what language I_ve heard. 
DJ3AK 4629:08:42:542   male russian voice, then SUITSAT-1 AMATEUR RADIO STATION... 1min of audio on 145.990 FM at 65 degrees elevation 
K1PAR 4629:08:43:051   Very weak signal just over static, male voice, unable to copy info 
YO8KGA 4629:10:15:242   14.02.2006 23:26UTC Partial ID and telemetry: mission time (01)5776 min, bat 26.5V. Rig FT847 - ant half F9FT (8el) at 60deg el. Audio files at _www.yo8kga.org_. 
TA1D 4629:11:19:381    on 145.990 MHZ. I heard carrier with Doppler shift on SSB mode and freq. is 145.986 MHz.on top, abt 70 d.elev. and signal getting strong  
JH3BUM 4629:19:30:232   77Deg EL Pass SSTV sig heard IC910 2x7Ele yagi 
WK0Q 4629:20:19:561   WOO HOO !! Heard several seconds of carrier this last pass on ssb in the mobile with no preamp, got a bonus of hearing a little of the sstv signal!! GO Mr. Smith!!! (time now is 7:20AM CST) 
KC5TRB 4629:20:41:291   Heard SSTV then female then male...weak & unintelligible. 
KI4JUD 4629:20:41:482   Heavy QRM (4) and QSB; heard parts of ID and greetings; low angle pass was better for my RX equipment, though still a 2x3 
NC6T 4629:20:43:371   Three short bursts of SSTV signal heard with 5-el yagi and VX-7 HT 
mr.kelly 4629:20:47:171   heard womans voice vary weak 
VE6BLD 4629:20:48:041   This 05.50 pass I have captured 2 very weak audio clips with only 24 degree maximum elevation.Posted to AJ3U,73 From Bob Lacombe Alberta Canada 
VE6BLD 4629:23:59:322   Feb 14 , I first heard very weak voice at 02.42.34, then a girls voice at 02.43.06 at abt 58 degrees, then a male voice at 02.44.01 at 55 degrees.Nothing xmitted at max 68 degrees!! Signals are weakening!!! I will listen next pass..AJ3U for files.73 Bob 
VK4IT 4630:00:28:052   SSTV heard on 145.990 for approx 15 seconds with minimal fading using VX7 and ARDF 2m Tape Measure Yagi. Elevation was 65 degrees tonight. 
KI4JUD 4630:03:01:233   Tumble fading; recieved voice ID; Secret Word; SSTV signal heard; packet QRM noted on nearby freq; 3x5 
TMS 4630:04:31:311   very weak heard voices but not readable 
W2DPT 4630:04:38:281   Most I_ve heard so far voices,code and SSTV- still not a clear picture here but Im trying 73 all 
KC8RAN 4630:04:38:482   Mr Smith is still alive, almost heard entire sstv sequence, but no picture. 
KA3JAW/4 4630:04:42:251   AO-54 Detected, Multiple flutter carriers between 04:54:25 thru 04:59:12 UTC, RF signal 1.0-1.25 db, 145.990 MHZ, FM 
WX9C 4630:06:09:212   Very weak c.w. signal on 145.990 
KA3JAW/4 4630:06:15:481   AO-54 Detected, Three very weak flutter carriers _ 03:25:30, 03:26:10, 03:26:50 UTC, RF strength 0.85 db, 145.990 MHZ, FM.  
DJ3AK 4630:07:30:593   copied only 3 seconds of voice ID with 77 degr. elev. pass on 145.990 
ZL1TYF 4630:08:18:321   HT and 4-element yagi. No definite words or SSTV tones this time, but drop in FM noise floor a few times. Near fully quiet twice. Late in the pass. It was el=20, and about 850 km downrange (per Nova) at the time 
KE5DFA 4630:19:28:431   Very weak, doppler carrier, only with slight traces of modulation 145.990 USB mode. 
JH3BUM 4630:19:56:291   Very weak SSTV tone 
W8ZTO 4630:21:09:321   Faint CW and SSTV signal 
KD4UYP 4630:21:13:361   Got some audio above the static... but not much and much weaker 
W2GDJ 4630:22:33:122   Overhead pass here.Heard voice identifier words RS0RS then SSTV sig 
KB9UPS 4630:22:40:541   weak then not heard as it passed to the east 
VE6BLD 4630:22:50:29   WOW!!! This pass at 03.51 with elevation of 78 degrees was great!!!at 3.54sstv then weak telemetry with doppler 18 _ ,3.55 very strong full quieting foreign with special word!!! at 69_, 3.56 foreign man then woman 44_, 3.57 last heard deep fades 17 _ Grea 
VE6BLD 4631:00:23:413   I captured five 30 sec clips 1 min. apart. 2.18 with doppler,2.19 special word canada,2.20 english,2.21 foreign,max elev.44 degrees fairly good audio .See AJ3U. 
WB6KDH 4631:01:59:201   weak quieting, heavy QSB, faint male voice. 07:42:20UTC, 68º elevation. 4-element Yagi, no preamp 
VIKING-DX CLUB 4631:01:59:281   Late report; Suit-Sat1 getting weaker. 
KC5TRB 4631:03:33:091   Heard weak female voice. 
kg4rru 4631:04:56:022   heard cw id / on 145.990 
AB2IZ 4631:04:59:021   Male voice -- choppy -- lots of fluttering 
W5DID 4631:04:59:391   Gears Suitsat ID, American special word and SSTV 
Dreamglider 4631:07:16:401   weak on SSB sstv and voice, ant: homemade QFH for 137.5MHz station: FT-817 no preamp. pass at max 10deg 
HS4POV 4631:07:18:241 1  weak signal BEEP and becon on 145.990 
VK5ZAI 4631:07:22:33   High pass, good signal for brief period. Boys voice heard. No time to get recording. Signals seem to be still holding up OK 
ZL1TYF 4631:08:42:561   Icom Handheld + 4-el yagi. FM. Heard female voice + SSTV tones 
NT7DX 4631:18:22:551   Very weak, carrier only with slight traces of modulation 
YV5KXE 4631:19:39:191   Only a female voice and cut, not legible 
WA4KKV 4631:19:44:031   Heard broken voice in noise from 13:54:39 to 13:57:10. Some pkt bursts 
N6EIV 4631:19:48:151   Very weak signal 
KC5TRB 4631:19:53:122   Heard unintelligible female, a couple tones then male. 
VE6BLD 4631:19:59:231   Feb 12..06:43:34.Only one 4 second capture....This is SuitSat 1. only 25 degree maximum elevation..Very surprised I heard anything at all!!! 73 until early tomorrow morning 02:16 and then 03:51 and 05:26..73 from Lacombe Alberta Canada.Bob VE6BLD DO32. Ha 
N3UC 4631:21:20:381   Weak, few seconds of Voice on 145.990 
VE3KRP 4631:21:21:161   Very weak child_s voice, bits of telemetry 
VE6BLD 4631:21:34:174  1424.0Good morning. At 05.05.06 first weak audio 18 degrees,great cw id and SSTV at 32 degrees,WOW, at 05.08.12 52 degrees GOOD TELEMETRY. last heard at 32 degrees..My previous report of weak signals has changed. One more 25 degree pass here in Lacombe.73 all B 
UNIPO - SK 4631:21:58:501  0 SUITSAT experiment: very weak voice (Japanese) and data transmissions, Slovakia (Prešov) 
W2GDJ 4631:22:59:38-1   Better sig this pass.Copied SSTV sig .Still can_t get clear voice message.Receive equip here is FT-736R ,preamp and 20 ele RHCP antenna 
VE6BLD 4631:23:11:353   Good morning from Canada! 03.28 am pass, very weak audio at 3.30 20 degrees, 3.31am 22 sec clip foreign language at 33 degrees, 3.32 english Canada? clip,3.33am fairly good audio at 60 degrees, two more very weak clips at 3.33 and 3.35 at 40 and last he 
sydneyweather@o 4631:23:32:09   Did not rec any signal from suit sat however did observe it flashing and tumbling in the night sky.Was not visible at any other time but during the tumble (once every 10 sec or so) and I am guessing this is as the sunlight was reflected off suitsats visor 
VK4IT 4631:23:34:591   Bit of SSTV, female voice ident, then more voice, possibly _minutes_ and _volts_. Very faint, with deep fading using Arrow Yagi and VX7. Elevation was 80 degrees tonight. 
W2GDJ 4632:00:39:151   Weak carrier sig with some modulation for about 15 sec. 15 deg max el here 
K9IVB 4632:02:24:111   Weak voice, male  
KB1FRM 4632:02:49:511   Very weak male voice almost lost in background noise...heard short tansmissions about 15 seconds each...three of them over a period of 15 minutes 
BD-PA 4632:03:42:401   Weak signal over Erie, PA- SSTV and voice, got about 90 seconds recorded, no telemetry. 
KG4ESJ 4632:03:47:211   extremely weak voice heard on 145.990 (unintelligible), followed by possible CCTV signal. 
KB9KX 4632:03:48:071   3 packet bursts followed by 4 unmod. carriers over 2 1/2 mins. on 437.800 
KG4ESJ 4632:03:50:251   extremely weak voice heard on 145.990 (unintelligible), followed by possible CCTV signal. 
hg2ecz 4632:04:53:583   heard 2 word and the doppler. RIG: FT-817 SSB mode, Ant: 6 el Yagi 
DJ3AK 4632:06:41:383   now with 2.3 wl yagi at 65degr. elev.: good receiption of voice THIS IS SUITSAT-1 AMATEUR RADIO STATION RS0RS, then weak female voice message on 145.990.  
2E0TGS 4632:06:44:591   Detected carrier on but speech and very breif snatches of speech but not intelligable 
GW6TYO 4632:06:45:253   2 x 8 el Quads. 250 deg Az 7 deg Elevation Young Female voice _This is Suitsat_ followed by Russian sounding male lasting about 30 seconds in all with heavy QSB. Nothing at all for rest of pass with max el of 68 deg but moving too fast to track accuratel 
VY5/KM5WV 4632:07:02:401   All noise with partial interrupted quieting. 7 element tracking 2M 
VK3FI 4632:07:42:151   Short burst of SSTV audio 
ct1din 4632:08:12:423   Noises and human voices too...and QRM  
OH5IY 4632:09:49:101   Weak, 0.5 S units over noise, male and female voices, no copy 
TA1D 4632:11:19:511   I heard CW ID and SSTV puls with Doppler shift in SSB mode,but not readable in FM mode. 
CS1RAD 4632:12:00:302   Since the o launching of SuitSat-1 that the weak signals are listened from CS1RAD on educational programs near the schools. The reception of the signals rare is more than relation of signal noise of 5 dB. The rotation produces fading during 3 to 5 seconds 
JN1GKZ 4632:18:58:561   30deg EL pass. heard carrier. could not understand voice 
k6qxb 4632:19:30:470   spin fade about 2sec. heard bits of male & female voices-direct overhead pass  
KE7EQW 4632:20:03:331   Heard ID only 
KD4UYP 4632:20:04:331   Interesting audio signature this morning. got carrier most of the pass but could not make anything out (while live). did get 2 characters CW above the static.. 
kg4tos 4632:20:08:405   Strong male voice on 437.800 hrd words Outer Space then telemetry 
KD4HTW 4632:20:11:281   Very Weak Male Voice for about 4 secs, no SSTV rec_vd 
N4TRI 4632:20:13:541   Heard voices a few times at the first half of pass,sounded like diff voices 
KE5DFA 4632:20:15:221   I heard a weak Doppler shift carrier with traces of modulation 145.990 USB mode. 
KC0UVB 4632:20:17:262   Lots of FM quieting, only short voice at max elevation 
VE6BLD 4632:20:24:131   Good morning again! At 06.17.31 and 19 degrees very very weak audio clips, more same at 06.18.09 and 28 degrees, then at 06.18.59 and 43 degrees cw id and fairly good full SSTV sequence!!. I will clean up and sent to AJ3U, then the last I heard was at 06. 
VK6HAM 4632:20:48:231   Weak sstv heard for about 5 seconds 
W2DPT 4632:21:47:301   Again childs voice(english) then Russian male voice then my sstv activated during the male voice-no picture just static 44 deg el 30 deg az 
VE6BLD 4632:21:57:571   Hello from Bob! At 04:43:10 am very,very weak few words elevation 36 degrees, at 04:47:03 another very weak few words, at 04:47:52 s8 max elevation of 78 degrees peaks pretty good audio, at 04:47:58 very weak audio. I think SuitSat is slowly running out  
WB6KDH 4633:01:10:131   _...teur radio station RS0RS_ (call sign clearest), weak, 083056utc, 56º elevation, 4-element Yagi, VX-5R  
NI0D 4633:02:39:383   Alternating male and female voice above 40 deg. elevation. Good signal to deep nulls very quickly. Two 8 elements on 145.99 with AZ/El 
kc8vwm 4633:03:48:20   Heard the words _-Suitsat-1-_ Buried Extremely Deep In Background Signal. Played Tape 6 Times - But It_s There 
OE6RKE 4633:03:58:511   SuitSat still alive, 145.990 Signal q2 to q4 at direct headover passing, signal constantly increasing 
N2ECR 4633:04:06:332   Heard what sounded like Asian female (Japan?) then later heard SSTV data. 29.8 EL/183.1 AZ. Using an 8ft Vertical Omni. 
KA3JAW/4 4633:04:11:591  0 AO-54 (Suitsat) Detected, 145.990 FM, Signal 1.25, SSTV about 5 seconds in duration, 0525 UTC (0025 ET local). 
DJ3AK 4633:05:32:273   voice-ID, then male voice and pause... on 145.990 
SQ9SY 4633:05:36:581   Traces of modulation (USB / 145.993-145.898) - fast doppler shift, max elevation was 83 degrees, antena - dipole + 20dB preamp. Nothing on FM.  
DJ3AK 4633:07:06:403   voice-ID, then male voice and pause.. then THIS IS SUITSAT-1 AMATEUR RADIO STATION on 145.990 
VK4IT 4633:08:06:581   Female voice _This is suitsat ....._ plus some quieting. Arrow Yagi, VX7, Elevation was 60 degrees 
LPP 4633:08:11:092   Heard parts in russian language ( - Wave2.wav - Wave3.wav - Wave4.wav) 
I3EEL 4633:09:11:541   Weakest signal: lots of QSB - Rx: 2 crossed YAGIs + Pre 
JH0TOG 4633:11:29:393   Heard 20sec Voice msg 145.990MHz FM  
TG9SO 4633:17:28:43   Like weak Doppler shift carrier  
VIKING-DX 4633:17:29:141   Very weak. Elevation could have been better. 
JN1GKZ 4633:17:46:252   heard ID and part of msg but heavy local QRM 
XE3ISS 4633:18:55:471   Childs voice 
XE3ISS 4633:18:57:081   week sig voice ANT 13B2 
w4aim 4633:18:58:085   Juvenile voice - English - First part sounded like letters R folled by letter A  
KE5DFA 4633:19:04:551   Weak Doppler shift carrier with traces of modulation on 145.990 USB mode. 
AIRWAVES COMM 4633:19:06:475   Heard Womans Voice ID SatSuit1 and data transmissions 453.100 
WA4NFK 4633:19:07:245   Heard SatSuit1 Vioce ID Female and Data 
KC5TRB 4633:19:09:352   Copied female voice that said _SuitSat_. 
VE6BLD 4633:19:13:491   This pass was very very weak.At 7:29 very weak audio at 23 degrees, 7:31 at 25 degrees, 7:31:50 very weak sstv at 18 degrees..Still pretty good to hear anything at only max elevation of 25 degrees..Bob 73 to all  
W8PAT 4633:20:39:223   144.990 FM Strong enough today to be heard over S7 interference. 
VE6BLD 4633:20:39:36 9417 024.0I slept thruu 4:14 pass,nuts!! On 5:51 pass great audio 41 sec of sstv, 34 sec foreign language, 23 sec of excellent telemetry, battery still at 26.7 volts!!! I copied a total of 98 seconds of pretty good audio.YAHOO GO SUITSAT!! See AJ3U for audio files  
M0JFE 4634:01:09:05   Very weak sstv tones folowed by in audioble speech Equip FT1500M & SQBM1000 co-linear. 
F6BYJ 4634:02:37:061   El max 79 - Force of the signals identical to the previous days. perceptible in SSB almost all length. 
W2DPT 4634:02:59:571   Childs voice Suitsat call then Adult Male Voice 
ON6HN 4634:04:15:502   QSB, voice 
OE1HFC 4634:04:16:461   week sig voice, cw with doppler characteristic rcvd ant 10 el. collinear, TS 700 
XE3ISS 4634:04:34:211   NO VOICE ONLY CARRIER 
KB9KX 4634:04:41:341   Weak Cw heard on 145.990 for about 15 -40 sec. 
KA3JAW/4 4634:04:43:431  0 AO-54 (Suitsat) Detected, 145.990 FM, RF Signal 0.75, slightly above noise floor with two .25 second carriers at 0454 UTC (2354 ET local). 
DJ3AK 4634:05:54:342   _suitsat-1 amateur radio rs0i...all the students over the world... universities_ (30s of audio on 145.990) 
KB9KX 4634:06:18:191   Vry weak CW heard on 145.990. Could cpy R ,S , and zero. 
mw3bau 4634:07:23:501   very weak data sigs + snippet of voice 
M0NDJ 4634:09:11:113   Heard _this is suitsat_ on 437.8 on iss orbit 41312 
kg4rru 4634:09:29:481   hear some beeps and some voices[this morning mostly on 437.00 mhz 
KH6UX 4634:13:11:041   Weak signal in the noise, 145.990. heard voices(perhaps Japanese) and the number _5_ in morse code. 
OM3WBC 4634:17:33:211   very weak signal received with ant:2x4wl DJ9BV + IC-910H 
EA4OA 4634:17:37:023   Listennig 437.800 FM. fone and SSTV 0807/0812 GMT 
VE6BLD 4634:18:01:101   The pass at 8:37AM was only max elevation of 13 degrees..only copied very very weak of audio...gotta go to work. 
JN1GKZ 4634:18:10:441   heard weak ID 
kb3haf 4634:18:52:582  14 heard male voice, telem fading in and out temp14 
Paxton 4634:19:26:364   Heard several data bursts, also some odd pulsing sound that must be SSTV. 
W8PAT 4634:19:26:542   145.990 USB mode. Max EL 30 degrees AZ 260 to 160 degrees desending. Best I have heard. range 500 to 800 miles some voice and SSTV 
KC7GZC 4634:19:32:301   Packet bursts, variable faint voice, on 145.99  
KC7GZC 4634:19:35:061   Packet bursts, faint voice, s3 
Paul 4634:19:36:431   Heard -Suitsat....RS0RS....Japanese - Recording here 
W4IRQ 4634:19:40:491   Faint beep heard with voice on 145.990 while passing overhead 
N2SPI 4634:20:40:082 7967 36 Hear audio of telemetry captured by N2SPI at _www.aj3u.com_ 
VE6BLD 4634:20:54:49   yahoo!!!I have a good 22 sec clip including the special word for CANADA!!! Received at 5:31:38 at an elevation of 76 degrees with S9 +15 signals. I think this is my third special word! 73 to all from VE6BLD DO32. 
VE6BLD 4634:21:00:471   another very early morning from Lacombe, weak audio at 22 degrees at 5:30:30, go to AJ3U for files.waiting for next 78 degree pass!!! 
WA3ETD 4634:21:02:251   Steady tones - 7el, preamp at mast 
VE6BLD 4634:21:07:101   received more weak audio at 5:33:30AM. hard to copy voice.Check AJ3U for all my reception files. 
VE7TIL 4634:21:11:101   Weak but similar to the last couple of nights. Three signal bursts noted all with a more distinctive 'non-linear' freq shift when they begin then yesterday... 
WB6KDH 4635:00:20:173   'this is suitsat one' + 'around the world', ~20 sec of voice and quieting, 091823UTC, 72º elevation, 4-element Yagi, VX-5R 
KD5MSS 4635:00:21:382   SSTV signals heard while monitoring USB 
KB9KX 4635:00:24:181   Heard weak CW and callsign RS0RS in the noise on 437.800. 4635:00:34:333   02:48 e.d.t. Curiosity made us backhaul from another location....... battery voltage 26.1 (strange since that was the same 24hrs ago.) Temp 13 deg C. (Same also ?) spin is asynchronous-- output power approx 237mw--- Looking forward to Suitsat-2 --- kudo 
2m0bae 4635:01:33:332   voice message but not understood small burst of telemetry 
N0QLT 4635:01:48:381   Very brief carrier with substantial noise _ approx 0150 Central time. Fairly sure was Suitsat- on HT  
AI4JI 4635:01:51:341   very weak, some cw, mainly carrier cycling 3 times 
2D0BCR 4635:03:06:131   Listening on 437.800, FM quieting, heard some faint voice signals and faint packet, then very strong G6HRH calling CQ, heard more faint voice & packet 
mm5ajw 4635:03:10:382   weak voice +telemetry 
WA5MUF 4635:03:22:161   Weak voice on 145.990.... Hey, who said airing dirty laundry was a bad idea? 
KA3JAW/4 4635:03:25:441  0 AO-54 (Suitsat) Detected on 145.990 FM, RF signal 1, heard three carrier burst about .5 seconds per burst. 
KG4DZN 4635:03:25:594   145.99mhz 6:13GMT Five 3 second clips 4 seconds apart- rotation fade? 1st clip full quieting girl_s voice ..1 amatuer radio station.. then 4 clips of Russian male voice. 4ele. beam 79 deg el. on 1200sq.ft. metal roof. 
DD1WKS 4635:04:37:291   hrd vy weak in cw-mode voice and sstv on 145.990(Doppler-shift), on 437.800 only Packet and cq fm DL8... 
DJ3AK 4635:04:44:572   voice saying THIS IS SUITSAT-1 on 145.990.. 
VK3UBC 4635:05:42:371   Very weak just one spoken word in the noise 
DJ3AK 4635:06:18:392   voice saying callsign, then a short beep, CW-ID, SSTV picture on 145.990.. decoded picture but only a few lines ok 
ON6HN 4635:06:19:192   voice, word = freedom 
2E0KCK 4635:06:22:303   From 2EØKCK Data Heard on 437.788.220 Using Yaesu FT-847 & Collinear Antenna (Cornwall S.W. U.K) 
AI4JN 4635:06:26:591   Signal very faint, I couldn't make out message, I did hear transmission though. 
CT2IRJ 4635:06:48:131   Very weak signal 
hg2ecz 4635:07:53:154   I heard a male voice and a doppler in SSB mode. The SuitSat come 2 minutes earlier than the predicted time (on this homepage)! My testantenna was a simple quad (+FT817) and the SuitSat flight just above our house. So I heard it only 2-3 second. 
XE2NN 4635:10:18:571   Voice very weak and some SSTV 
UNIPO - SK 4635:12:51:261  0 SUITSAT experiment: data packet and Russian Voice, very weak signal, Slovakia (Prešov) 
ka0jng 4635:13:10:263   YL voice _zero_ - QSB - 5el yagi and HT 
XE3ISS 4635:16:31:512    Heard voice in several seconds  
KG6MSO 4635:16:50:141   Very weak voices in the static 
JN1GKZ 4635:16:59:171   over 50deg elevation but signal was weak 
KG4OJS 4635:17:07:19   Heard on 437.800>Packet/Signal Burst @ S-6 and Light Voices-Music and Dog Bark type sound @ S-1 
LU8DPV 4635:17:40:085   strong Signal on 435800, but very interfered for CX1TX that call CQ ISS on 145990 while SITSAT still running 
VE7WFG 4635:18:02:414   Hear short portion of the SSTV Signal as it went over about 2.5 minutes ahead of the ISS using KLM22C and Landwher Preamp and Fodtrack Bottom line is it is still operational 
VE6BLD 4635:18:03:34   the last pass was only 23 degrees . will send files from it to AJ3U after work today..I have to get some thing work done !! 
W4TEJ 4635:18:13:331   Weak voice(145.990)Packet437.800,carrier w/doppler shift/CW at end of footprint 
VE7AFV 4635:18:15:441   Brief (<1s) telemetry burst on 437.8 at 1521Z at max elevation (ca. 80) 
KC4MCQ 4635:18:18:061   Heard packet bursts. weak signal 
VE6BLD 4635:18:21:012   This pass was only 24 degree max elevation for me,,I copied cw id plus full sstv noisey signal(will clean up after wirk!) and 1 more weak message possible voltage?I will upload to AJ3U after work. 
KE4IAM 4635:18:24:441   2 Extremely weak data burst very near noise level 
JI7WPV 4635:18:39:382   Weak signal on 437.80MHz at 1500UTC. I heared Two packet bursts and Male voice about few seconds with QSB.Use GP antenna. 
Steve 4635:18:48:571   Weak fuzzy sound fading in and out - no voice on a hand held scanner police radio 
KB3JYW 4635:19:36:432   Very Weak, Heard static of voice, used 2 meter homebrew dipole 
N1XLP 4635:19:39:494  0 Strong telemetry bursts on 437.8MHz, couldnt decode 
N2SPI 4635:19:43:253   See SuitSat Telemetry by N2SPI at 
AE0AL 4635:19:46:061   I am going to say I heard some unintelegable voices in the noise, but could defenitally tell they were voices.  
W4TEJ 4635:19:48:371   Very weak voice(145.99@13:51UTC)/Packet data on 437.800 
N2MLP 4635:19:48:572   WEAK 145.99 SIGNAL GOOD 443.87 SIGNAL DATA AND MALE VOICE 
KAØLDG 4635:19:51:581   Voice heard, but was uninteligible. Arrow antenna and IC-W32a HT used 
KC0NWS 4635:19:52:434   Two strong packet bursts and several weak one at 1348 UTC on 437.800 
VE6BLD 4635:19:54:59   At 5.04 am great signals ,up to S9+20, deep fades, copied foreign special word I think and excellent copy third special word!! Please see AJ3U for audio files. more to come from next pass! 73. 
JH0TOG 4635:21:07:443   Heard YL voice... RS0RS.... 145.990MHz FM 00:11UTC 
VE1MR 4635:21:19:585   Best signals yet, several voices and words. 1219 UTC heard start of SSTV. 
KD8CEO 4635:21:24:181   Very Weak Telemetry Burst. 
n3nwz 4635:21:31:291   weak data stream mixed in at the top of noise level 
VE7TIL 4635:21:31:521   Again weak. However, there is a rapid nonlinear change in carrier freq when the signal 'just appears.' Noticed this on 3 bursts of signal on this pass. Same 20secondish bursts.  
VE6BLD 4635:21:34:40   Strong S9+ signals ,copied two more special words, one in foreign language, go to AJ3U for audio files, I have now recieved three special words and most of the messages.Great fun!! 
VK3UBC 4635:22:04:261   Very weak, recorded just enough to id SSTV type and female voice 
VK4IT 4635:22:04:531   Faint voices (male and female) plus some tones on 145.990 using VX7 and Arrow II Yagi. Only packet stations heard on 437.8 
James Balean 4635:23:31:505   Heard via ISS on 437.8MHz on low elev pass (16deg)! Quickly made my own antenna this afternoon just to hear it - excellent! No telemetry though. 
G4WUH 4635:23:34:281   Weak signal, Data only 4635:23:44:091  0 small signal 
iw0uws 4635:23:44:381   very weak signal,i listen a burst and many spin doopler 
UNIPO - SK 4635:23:45:282  0 very small signal 
N4MIO 4635:23:48:181   Voice buried in the noise.  
ei7bfb 4636:00:19:43   Nothing on 145.990mhz, but S3-4 packet bursts with what sounded like an italian ham station testing? 
pa5rg 4636:00:22:112   on 437.8 voice of g6hrh and some packet 
PA1JLG 4636:00:22:481 1  Man voice and burst sign like Packet 
pa5rg 4636:00:23:192   Voice from cq de g6hrh and some packets 
EB4DEH 4636:00:25:181   Not only pirates disturbing in 145.990. ALSO HAMS (F1AHH - G6HRH) doing DX via ISS repeater while SUITSAT experiment is still running!!!! Anyway some CW weak and short signals, probably the Suitsat CW ID has been heard in 437.800 
EA4ZR 4636:00:25:281   Heard doppler shift carrier during several minutes with clear spin qsb 
G7WIQ 4636:00:27:231   Very weak, but received distinctive doppler shift pattern on 6 consecutive passes using USB mode on 145.9885MHz and Spectran2 software. 
N7RVN 4636:00:40:32   Nothing on 145.00 and packet only on 437.800 (0258 CT) S2 signal on 437 with 75 degree pass. Things are looking bleak. 
KC0ETV 4636:00:41:18   On 437.8 Single Blurb heard.  
DC1HR 4636:01:45:351   437.8 Packet, man is speaking very weak, 145.990 Packet signal  
9A4QV 4636:01:53:093   145.990 very weak signal (FT-847, with LNA on the 6el.yagi), switched to 437.800 where recorded really a disapointing pass, people (HAM-s) chatting using ISS as a repeater, I will not post the calls but guys I have you recoded. Also many packet transmitio 
G1HGA 4636:01:53:581   Male voice, possibly Russian on 437.800 
LA3QMA 4636:01:56:452   437.800 Lots off AX25 and spanish? Several fast DTMF sessions 
VE2AHD 4636:01:56:562   Reception of French Canadian Message and special word. 
2e0bat 4636:01:57:061   very weak signal and only for few seconds 
M3RCT 4636:01:57:301   16th Scout Group Hitchin - Freq; 437.800, Reasonable audio, Data & SSTV signal 
DJ4XN 4636:01:57:334   145.990 no SuitSat but qrm by cable TV NDR S5 / 437.8 S4 Packet, telemetry, voice qso in spanish language. 
i0qm 4636:01:58:042   145990 KHz, weak, slow doppler and fading, FM 2up 
F/W2RSB 4636:01:58:111   Sub-audible male voice following by short burst of digital data with extreme fading. El 48 deg Az 230 deg. FT-60 w/Arrow ant. 
HG9SM 4636:01:58:411   WEAK SIGNAL on 145.990Mc 
2e0bat 4636:02:03:331   very weak signal and only for few seconds 
WY3R 4636:02:12:081   Female voice in English ID Suitsat 1 
KB9KX 4636:02:12:264   9 packet bursts over 1min. period along with a male Russian voice for 1/2 sec. and someone calling CQ in English for 1 sec. 
WO3T 4636:02:14:031   Russian Voice 
RIT Foo 4636:02:14:431   Heard faint voice for two seconds in large snowstorm with a PRO-95 
AD7BK 4636:02:14:553   carrier zero beat @ 145.993 i hear nothing else other than a carrier 
w2dpt 4636:02:19:281   childs voice and call sign 
EB2GWO 4636:02:33:334   6:07utc. 16º elevation. Got Russian message at 437.80 with packet burst. Lots of fade. 
CT1ESJ 4636:03:10:465   437.80MHz good copy, but some guys (G3 and F4 stations) use de ISS repeater to make some qso`s, absorving totaly de signal coming from Suitsat! 
GW7ERI 4636:03:16:031   Weak signal - male voices and data bursts. FT847 HRD 2ele beam  
IZ7EVR 4636:03:16:331  0  Signal 437.800 Mhz is good  
IZ7EVR MICHELE 4636:03:18:571  0 Signal repeter from ISS 437.800 Mhz Burs on Paket signal 
KC4MCQ 4636:03:26:061   Heard SSTV very weak 
NL0LPD 4636:03:26:381   Very weak SSTV Signal at 145.990Mhz. 
OE/HB9TSF 4636:03:29:453   437,800Mhz received male voice and packet sigs with Icom ICQ7E  
F4EGX 4636:03:30:49   ecoute on 437.800. ISS transponder is QRM by packet and local QSO... 
G1HGA 4636:03:32:092   Clear male voice, language unknown with packet bursts for approx 30 seconds on 437.800, nothing heard on 145.99. 06.07 UTC  
DJ3AK 4636:03:32:553   FM-transmission...very short... only the word TEMPERATURE received on 145.990 ... sri, no antenna needs to be improved... 
PD0RKC 4636:03:33:371   Still weak on 12 el circulair yagi. 
KC2DUX - DuxPon 4636:03:36:303   Heard a carrier, cw (dtmf type) and what sounded like a young girls voice 
k5asl 4636:03:46:432   heard 437.8 packet bursts times 2 with gp3 about 25 feet up put up today  
XE3ISS 4636:03:46:532   Intermitent CARRIER 13B2 
WQDJ573 4636:03:46:541   Heard what sounded like beeping just above noise level on 145.99 
k5asl 4636:03:47:53  0 heard short bursts on 437.8 can't believe it with gp3 antenna 25 feet off the ground 
DJ3AK 4636:05:05:173   ..This is suitsat-one.. (female voice) wd 1wl yagi at 70 degr elev 
DJ3AK 4636:05:06:193   FM-transmission...this is suitsat-1 (female voice)... received on 145.990 with 70 degrees elev. 
PD0RKC 4636:05:09:391   A few seconds a very weak signal (with doppler effect). 
9A3ST 4636:05:20:293   437.800 some burst heard, some voice, some packet transmision, but nothing understandable at 02:20 03:57 05:32 UTC 4636:05:29:291   0:3:35 e.d.t. - 7 bursts of packet 1 burst apprs 2sec'c carrier x3,--- QRM from ham in Ohio calling Texas. 3 sec'c sstv probably the two hams .However did manage to pull Suitsat voice stating 61 or 6 decimal one (battery voltage ? which would make sense 
wb2udc 4636:05:30:071   very faint male voice and perhaps cw can't say it was authentic? 
WK0Q 4636:05:34:241   Finally heard weak signal during the 9:00AM central pass on 145.99 with signature spin fades and peaks but heard only a carrier, this was my first chance to hear it mobile. Using Hustler collinear into preamp.  
ke6drt 4636:06:31:251   Believe I heard a male's voice 
m0fdy 4636:06:43:251   heard weak voice, but then heard ct1 station on 437.8 calling cq iss 
No callsign 4636:06:44:301   Weak packet and voice 145.99, much louder relay 437.8 
dc9bg 4636:08:14:341   weak carrier heard 145990 and short bursts very strong 437800 
i0qm 4636:08:20:013   145990 KHz, hy doppler 
KE4HKS 4636:08:44:162   I have been monitoring sience around 3 pm eastern standard time , Feb 7th. At various times I have recieved static bursts. I did recieve a male voice around 3 pm edt but it was not understandable due to the static. I am using a discone anntenna.  
jk1zam 4636:09:32:231   very weak with QRM. head last two letter of ID. 
JF0USE/1 4636:09:33:012   Heard voice in several seconds on 437.8 MHz (5/8 lambda GP) 
N4VBV 4636:10:10:201   Intermittent reception at 2337Z, 7 Feb 06, directly overhead or very close. Using 10-element yagi (hand-held) with Alinco DJ-580. JPAS showed passing near overhead. Got very faint and quick voice (syllable or so) and what appeared to be some digital signa 
F6BYJ 4636:13:18:14   Weak signal and qsb.. OK in mode SSB - some words and SSTV (0742) out of FM - RX on 437.8 QRM 100%...  
PD0LLU 4636:13:43:382   carrier with something in background /w fading. 24sec recording availible 
F6BYJ 4636:14:25:101   El 15° weak signal on SSB Mny QRM OM on pirate off 437.8 
N9LAG 4636:14:30:122 6607 1224.0girl's voice giving ID 
kd6wky 4636:15:30:101   Extremely weak signal, briefly above the background noise. 
W4NOV-TOM-KSC 4636:16:35:141   Short Burst of Russian - Got Tape capture of Audio (time Estimated) 
K4XXG 4636:16:57:171   437.8 brief bursts of data and male voice (unable to make out due to doppler shift) 16:41 UTC 
AF2C 4636:16:58:151   beacon 
TG9ADV 4636:16:59:002   Weak sstv signal on ssb x 5 secs, its good. 
H. Broussard 4636:17:01:151   437.800 MHZ Faint male Russian voice and some tones. at 16:37 UT 
W5BL 4636:17:03:483   groundbased signals coming through ISS repeater on 437.810 
W5BL 4636:17:03:521   weak signal at TCA on 145.990 w/ periodic fade of a few seconds 
KI0G 4636:17:04:081   Dopler shift on tone, male voice 
WA5MUF 4636:17:04:203   Good CW in the noise; voice too........When it passed SW of here in Watauga, TX, USA 3 minutes ago at 10:37 Local (Central) time.... 
KC0POC 4636:17:04:561   Used 437.800 repeater. Heard a couple packet bursts and on very muffled voice. 
KB1LQC 4636:17:05:004   heard packet bursts and then heard male voice say Ok N0VH on the ISS repeater at 03:42 am pass or 05:18 am EST passes 
WA2SMS 4636:17:09:35   Heard faint Packet burst at 1632 UTC on 437.800, & A very weak male voice in static on 145.990 could not make any thing out 
ONL3497 4636:17:10:022    Heard very weak voice and sstv signal - QSB 
K5CEC 4636:17:10:15   Nothing on 145.99 Noise and packet bursts on 437.80 with mobile whip antenna and IC2720 
W7KBM 4636:17:10:231   7feb 06 16:33 UTC Male voice bad fading could be russion voice 
JN1GKZ 4636:17:24:371   weak ID, msg and SSTV 
JJ0HSC 4636:17:29:273   Intermittent Russian male voice from 437.8MHz. 
ki4kgr 4636:18:25:201   Could barely hear there was CW. Unable to copy CW becasue of weak signal. VX7R+Vertical 
KG4HUF 4636:18:30:181   Very faint girls voice sat 1 rs0 
N9AWP 4636:18:30:351   THF6A CW Arrow Antenna Bird @ 53 degrees CW, SSTV, Hetrodyne 
ZZ5MMR 4636:18:30:451   The Suitsat signal very weak on repeter 437.800 ,heard on FT50r 
KD8CPP, Vandeve 4636:18:34:231   Very week signal. 
Paxton 4636:18:34:551   Choppy signal, garbled OM w/RR accnt heard on 437.8 MHz. 
KD8BIW 4636:18:35:131   Heard something just barely above static. Have recording. 6db vertical at 40 feet HAAT, 1100 feet ASL 
KI4JUD 4636:18:35:141   Definite voice in the static. Opened sql. VX-2 with H Dipole. 1x2 
Bob Chow noleer 4636:18:35:151   0 Comments 
N4TRI 4636:18:37:483   heard female voice ,CW,SSTV signals ,Recored entire pass 
kf4dct 4636:18:38:014 9 4.0 
KE4IAM 4636:18:38:041   Very weak male voice followed by data busrt 
Pat N8PK 4636:18:38:111   Switched briefly to 145.800 during Feb 7 pass at 1500z to hear Commander Bill McArthur on NA1SS answering questions to young students on an apparent scheduled school contact, loud and clear.  
AI6MD 4636:18:38:391   heard 0.5 sec of voice at both horizions 
NZ3Q 4636:18:38:521   Heard bits of packet on 437.800 
NZ3Q 4636:18:39:341   Heard bits of packet 
KV4AN 4636:18:41:521   Unintelligible male voices and several packets 
KD4UYP 4636:18:42:253   Copied 2 bursts of CW ~5 sec, on 145.990 with HT & 5/8 mag mount also hear faint other audio 
VE7TIL 4636:18:48:291   Similar to my earlier reports, rapid doppler and deep QSB, now to measure it! Severe nulls in signal indicate the suit is perhaps tumbling. Measured 4 periods with typically 20seconds of signal with about 30sec of nothing or ~0.02Hz or 0.833RPM. One lo 
VK8NSB 4636:19:06:411   very weak voice on 145990 - nothing on 437800 - no packet from ISS Pass was 1155pm 70+Deg  
VK6ZDB 4636:19:19:114   Full quieting 4/4 on 437.80 +/- doppler using HT with rubber duck ant, but carrier dropped to 0 several times (bad joint in TX?). ~20sec data interspersed with Russian voice, then SSTV a minute or so later. Recorded badly on mobile phone. Nothing heard p 
Jesus Ruiz 4636:20:01:523   Recording yesterday at 10:06 UTC. Some packet tones at 437.800. No voice heard in Granada, Spain. Using Icom R-20 and Cross dipole 
ei7bfb 4636:20:06:25   Bursts of packet on 145.987  
KC5AMQ 4636:20:07:151   Possible male voice in static. 
K9OA 4636:20:08:543   Heard packet bursts on 437.800, started weak, got strong then faded 
VE5BLD 4636:20:09:02   First audio at 32 degrees,low level in noise, S9+20 at 73 degrees, clear audio for 35 seconds,check Aj3U for files!!! 
n2tcw 4636:20:09:291   5-6 bursts of packet on Radio Shack police scanner 
KC2MHU 4636:20:13:061   carrier w/doppler & hint of voice 
va3bjj 4636:20:14:081   nothing on 145.800 except noise bursts.. had two bursts of packet on 437.800 
K8IR 4636:20:14:343   Heard several data packets on 437.800 
W8PAT 4636:20:14:421   RX few words and good doppler trace of carrier on spectrum 
VA3PMA 4636:20:14:532   3 burst of data between 2 and 3 seconds each on 437.80 
KA0PSQ 4636:20:15:194   4 packets heard on 437.8 MHz 
KC0NWS 4636:20:15:353   At 1325 UTC heard several brief packet burst on 437.800 
WA5MUF 4636:20:17:181   Weak CW signals heard from Watauga, Texas, USA....2 Good sites: and for predicting->  
KC7VQR 4636:20:18:382   Heard two packet bursts on 437.8 and nothing on 145.990. 
N2MLP 4636:20:19:571   VERY VERY WEAK  
VE7TIL 4636:20:21:161   Again rapid dopple shifted carrier with deep QSB, strongest signal yet here. Voice modulation but not strong enough for FM. 3 ele beam at 50 degrees el, 7 deg az. 
KI6BPY 4636:20:22:281   Might have heard one packet burried in static.Might have heard one packet buried in static. 
kd6fwd 4636:21:38:201   very faint carrier dopler drift.  
N1OFZ 4636:21:48:251   heard faintly on 145.99. Nothing on 437.8 due to packet stations (bunch of lids) 
WM2W 4636:21:48:341    
KA0PSQ 4636:21:50:264   heard 14 data packets on 437.8MHz 
WA2SMS 4636:21:51:302   Heard several Packet bursts between 1142 to 1148UTC on 437.800. Useing FT 8900, and Comet GP15, 30 feet up 
VE7TIL 4636:22:06:381   Very brief (~20sec) of very weak doppler shifted carrier, w/ deep QSB, No FM copy during peak of pass. Minimal modulation noted on carrier. 3 ele beam 45 deg el. 135 deg az. 
ei7bfb 4636:23:13:18   2 bursts of telemetry 
ei7bfb 4636:23:14:22   2 bursts of telemetry 
KA0PSQ 4636:23:23:174   heard several data packets on 437.8MHz 
WB6KDH 4636:23:35:152   ~5sec of SSTV over 22sec of pass, 72º elevation, 1006UTC, 4-el Yagi, no amp 
ZZ5MMR 4636:23:52:272  0 Listening on FT50r and IC2000 , 437.790 very weak signal over south Brazil , nothing on 145.990 
9A7P 4637:00:19:201   Short bursts of packet on 437.800. Italian stations chatting on that frequency. 
9A8MM 4637:00:21:352   Heard short bursts of packet and voice on 437.800 MHz, until Italians start their morning chit-chat on that frequency 
LA3QMA 4637:00:31:071   AX25packets :o( and Voice Unknown Language (HAMs ??) 
2EØKCK 4637:00:43:131   Voice heard but was Intermittent! Using Yaesu FT-847 and Dual Band Collinear Antenna 
ccastillo 4637:00:45:351   weak japanese words and packet radio in 437.790 MHZ. From Christian Castillo (SWL) Madrid - Spain. RX: Yupiteru MVT-7100 and Diamond RH-795 antenna. 
DJ4XN 4637:00:45:512   only 437.8 +-10kHz Packet, woman voice and QSO in spanish (?) language  
M0DCD 4637:00:50:081   Just breaking squelch 
KC8CKZ 4637:00:57:101 0 012.0Just heard a weak signal bleep via a Bearcat Scanner facing North exposure, only heard digital telematry. 
KA0PSQ 4637:00:59:124   Heard a few data frames not decoded yet. on 437.8MHz 
N2TDI 4637:01:02:17   Two short packet bursts....437.880 
KB9KX 4637:01:02:354   5 packet bursts over 3 sec. on 437.800 
Bedford, Texas 4637:01:02:442   A couple of secs of static at 02:30 CST on 437.8 (also, several secs of static on 145.99 at 03:20 CST on 2/5/06) Both on handheld scanner-Thx for this experience! 
KOSU 4637:01:03:041   Three Data bursts on 437.8 as station passed over - Uniden Bearcat BC860XLT 
KC0MWU 4637:01:07:062   Heard on 437.8 2 burst of paket. unable to hear on 145.99 
KE5DFA 4637:01:08:581   I heard a weak doppler effected carrier tonight in SSB mode tuned to 145.990 usb. 
nl5736-r47 4637:01:24:322   telemetry and spanish about 2 minites on 437.8oo.carrieron145.99o 
G1HGA 4637:01:31:172   Packet burst followed by clear male voice,possibly Russian,followed by bleeps and another garbled voice on 437.800 
2E0KCK 4637:02:13:113   From 2E0KCK Heard Voice the Morning but intermittent with QSB. Radio used: Yaesu FT-847, Antenna: Dual Band Collinear 
DD1WKS 4637:02:16:42   vy weak voice in CW Mode on 145.990, strong qrm voice and Packet on 437.800 
John 4637:02:17:233   Suitsat Signal 437.800 (S3) and packet. DL8MAX-5>APC102,APRSAT,RS0ISS-3,IGATE : ,F4CEP-3>APRS,ARISS: : Please send not APRS to ISS!!!!!! 
Angelfire 4637:02:17:361   Weak Signal, heard voices and packet radio signal with scanner and collinear antenna 
DJ4XN 4637:02:19:445   nothing 145.990 but 437.8 strong Packets 1k2, telemetry signals, voice men and woman 
G1HGA 4637:02:20:042   Packet burst followed by clear male voice,possibly Russian,followed by bleeps and another garbled voice on 437.800 
EI3IP 4637:02:20:472   437.800 - 07:18z Voice unintellibible - SSTV only on playback of recording & Packet 
M0ALA 4637:02:21:373   Strong reception from ISS of Packet data and russian voice with data blips - faint reception direct of packet too weak to hear clearly 
F1IOI 4637:02:24:06   via ISS 437.800 - telemetry and voice (and APRS) 
2E0KCK 4637:02:25:453   Intermitant Signals heard with QSB  
OE6RKE 4637:02:28:591   5 sec audio on 145.99 (high spin mod); 2 mins telemetry 0.5s len on 437.8  
rob 4637:02:30:351   heard faint sstv sounds when squelch was all the way open 
KA1LJE 4637:02:31:273   Strong packet signal bursts on 437.80 using FT-817 with rubber ducky - no voice heard - clearly peaking of signal so not local. Nothing heard on 145.99 
kg4rru 4637:02:33:26   no voice but did hear tone or two 
kc5ter 4637:02:34:54   40.25 seconds of none english voice via 437.800 (recording of pass avalable) 
N2TDI 4637:02:37:511   Four short packet bursts. 
KA3JAW/4 4637:02:41:001  0 AO-54 (Suitsat) Detected- RF signal 1 at 0700 UTC (0200 ET local) with two seconds of a fragmented male voice.  
nl5736 4637:02:41:143 2  my ant active tv ant,hrd about 3 minites.packet and voice. 
KG4WMG 4637:02:43:361   Very weak, heard scattered SSTV tones (didn't recieve a picture) and a faint voice fading in and out under the QRN. 
KB0QNQ 4637:02:43:591   Several indiscernable bursts of male voice 
YO8SSQ 4637:02:50:041   Heard packet signal on 437,8. No signal from suitsat. 
DD1WKS 4637:03:43:091   SSTV very weak in CW Mode on 145.990  
KI4IIB 4637:03:49:411   Very weak signal, but could definitely tell there was something there. 
John 4637:03:51:075   signal stong on 437.800 (packet/APPRS!!!!!) - DO NOT SEND APRS TO ISS 
HA3FHH 4637:03:55:331   some packet bursts and some beeps on 437.800 
DJ3AK 4637:03:56:262   ...0im (female)...students from universities (male)...23s of voice rcvd wd 1wl yagi at 70 deg elev and Icom271 
KC2OTX 4637:04:12:241   Very weak down in the noise 
KB9CFV 4637:04:14:08   Very Low. Heard student voices and some slowm scan. Unable to interprit 
30MRDJ 4637:04:17:041   Russian speech, Paket sounds so much QRM (Max el.16 / AZ. 350) 
VK5ZK 4637:04:50:302   Hrd weak sigs for 8 minutes. Some FM quietening at best,  
om7yc 4637:04:59:09-1   week FM wois 1-2,1-2, solid packet signal, dots, /telemetry?/ 
VK5ALX 4637:05:19:141   very weak 1-2 second burst of digital at about 2 minutes into pass 
N3DNM 4637:05:20:511   Very weak beep & very heavy QSB 
palkin101 4637:05:28:575 2  SUPER STRONG overrode some stations, male voice and packet 
Sandro 4637:05:31:372   Used 437.800 repeater / Tones (SSTV?) + Voice! / But only APRS??! With Handheld IC-R10 
PD0RKC 4637:05:32:011   I heard a few seconds a clear SSTV signal 
ON6HN 4637:05:32:232   QSB , voice + SSTV. 
DJ3AK 4637:05:32:322   SSTV fragments received 
WQDJ573 4637:05:50:52   Heard what appeared to ba a male voice,just under noise level 
KB0ORZ 4637:05:51:292   Heard static with a constant beeping lasted for about 5 min.  
KD6MHS 4637:06:02:275   Very veak signal only noise  
SV1BSX 4637:07:05:041   Suitsat SSTV signal heard this morning at 02:35 UTC on pass over East Europe 
I4JUQ 4637:07:10:434   tree strong short carier pulses apparently without modulation 
ZZ5-MMR 4637:07:15:572   Listening on FT50r and IC200 , 437.790 very weak signal over south Brazil , nothing on 145.990 
usctvb 4637:07:20:281   very weak 
W7LY 4637:07:54:24-1  0 1 burst of telemetry 
i0qm 4637:08:42:122   145990 KHz, weak but OK. 
JJ0HSC 4637:09:54:413   Male voice 5seconds and 2 seconds 4637:11:05:532   09:36 edt. rx'd voice but buried under someone on phone and using packet the data burst people are reporting are most likely packet from ham's unaware of project. from KA_ _ _ and W3 _ _ _will process signal up from under the QRM 
JH0TOG 4637:13:10:161   Very weak sstv signal on ssb 145.990MHz 
QS915 4637:13:21:081   1 light beeping tone this morning 
JH2DFJ 4637:13:57:55   A report of OHBIT#44 and #45. 145.99 are reception NG. A voice breaks off with a rash とspin because perhaps a satellite repeats a spin with 437.80. 
N2QCE 4637:14:16:460   Partial SSTV Picture 
xe3iss 4637:15:44:581   weak carrier 
TG9SO 4637:15:50:38   Like doppler of a FM signal copied on SSB 
N6SPP-sfo 4637:15:54:18   PKT/Spanish/0945pst 6feb/ArrowAnt to S.E./Suit@10deg/437.79FM 
wx7p 4637:15:55:161   Heard mans & womans voice + 3 packet bursts on 437.800 orbit 41258 
W2RS 4637:15:55:481   A boy's voice in an unidentified foreign language 
KG6PIR 4637:15:56:481   weak signal / data burst 
W6ZQ 4637:15:56:511   Only heard SSTV signal 
KD7SWL 4637:15:56:561   437.8 got 4 recorded packets of fairly audible quality 
n9jim 4637:15:57:02   no sig 145.99, copied packet/voice short bursts on 437.800 
KG6IFV 4637:15:58:391   Heard both male/female voices and brief packet noise. Very weak signal. 
KD5VSA 4637:16:01:541   Only 3 Short Packet Bursts On 437.800. 145.99 Nothing 
JN1GKZ 4637:16:05:282   heard ID and part of msg 
JF0USE 4637:16:21:002   Very weak 
N7SEP 4637:16:38:511   weak female voice saying suitsat then male voice unreadable. Using Arrow hand held ant. on437.800 
KF4UAR 4637:16:41:111   Heard weak signal from ISS repeater downlink, week voices, data 
HG9SM 4637:16:47:012   Good signal 145.990 and packet signal stong on 437.800 
PY4AJ 4637:17:14:111   Weak signal... Voice present but impossible to understand 
KF4IMF 4637:17:17:361   Male voice in background 
KI4IKW 4637:17:18:331   Very Weak, but could hear voice, VX-7 on 145.990 Not sure if Suitsat 
kc5lan 4637:17:18:531   faint cw signal/no voice or other data/16:05utc 
KI4IKW 4637:17:20:411   Very Weak, but could hear voice, VX-7 on 145.990 Not sure if Suitsat 
omniverse 4637:17:21:072   hello...hello, anybody out there?...hello-- in male voice, possibly earthbound person instead 
VE6BLD 4637:17:21:322   On the 9:06 pass this morning I copied more audio and TELEMETRY.Go to AJ3U for reports.  
ke4pwe 4637:17:22:491   voice audio very faint 
KD7SWL 4637:17:26:311   437.825 on Mobile, snippet of male voice, partial packet, HT no good 
WA5MUF 4637:17:28:112   Tones heard of various short length...44 degrees altitude, NE Azimuth when it was over Arkansas.....From: WA5MUF, Watauga, Texas, USA..... 
WA2SMS 4637:17:28:301   WEAK, WEAK, WEAK, almost overhead 
N4TRI 4637:17:28:452   Heard voice fad in and out recorded pass 
k0lej 4637:17:31:543   Had a lot of strong local interference, but did hear the CW ID 
K8YTW 4637:17:32:060   Heard male voice on 143.625...Switched to 145.990 and heard very weak sig doe about 20 seconds.  
NØVUB 4637:17:33:281   Very weak, could just hear voice. Did copy RS0RS. 
AF2C 4637:17:34:451   voice 
wa2tow 4637:17:35:092   voice 
KB9KX 4637:17:36:331   Heard very weak CW for 1/2 sec to 1 sec on 145.990.  
KE7FIB 4637:17:40:011   weak signal - unintelligible voice followed by telemetry at 8:01am PDT, 8:03am and 8:05am 
NN6T 4637:17:56:312   SSTV type tones heard and change in white noise at LOS  
Amandyke 4637:17:57:351   Very weak 
KC4MCQ 4637:18:36:421   Heard very week signal. 
kb1fcb 4637:18:53:181   short packet bursts and unitellible voice fora few seconds on 437.800just in noise level 
kb6mth 4637:18:55:401   SSTV signal briefly heard on two 1 second intervals at 0943 and 0945 local. Great work! 
N0JLB 4637:18:57:311  0 Very weak voice and CW. Using 437.800 Cross link. 
KC7OC 4637:18:57:352   Heard packet tx and male voice on 437.80. 
KI4MMT 4637:18:57:511   Heard faint female voice followed by faint male voice, both unintelligible, 145.99 signal lasted about 2 minutes.  
KC2OSF 4637:18:59:311   Very weak, almost itelligible signal heard, weak voice 
va3bjj 4637:18:59:36-1   heard two voices on 437.800 with noise burst between them hard to make out what they were saying 
KJ7EJ 4637:18:59:461   very weak female voice on 145.990 for 5 seconds when directly overhead, used arrow antenna (3-ele yagi) and 2m Alinco HT 
kc2nvr 4637:19:00:141   male voice foreign unidentifiable tones like packet 
W2DWR 4637:19:01:09   intermittent voice & data on 437.800 
WA5MUF 4637:19:01:391   Faint beeps heard from Watauga, Texas when it was over West Virginia  
KB1MGI 4637:19:02:141   4 Short data bursts 437.800 on a scanner outside antenna in mass. suitsat was tracking over mid atlantic states 
N4TRI 4637:19:03:592 0  Heard data then very weak signal 
W8PAT 4637:19:04:141   Just partial voice was not able to move EME array fast enough to keep main lobe on suitsat 
KAØLDG 4637:19:04:162   Numerous Packet bursts lasting a second or so 
n7rvn 4637:19:04:181   could not decode packet captured partial sstv image (1/8 screen) 
KC0TJN 4637:19:06:031   weak carrier, faint tone 
N9WWR 4637:19:07:443   437.880 Paket burst and voice. Nothing on 145.990 
KG0QR 4637:19:08:441   Very weak voice in static, could not make out what was said. 
K1PIG 4637:20:02:582 2  weak tone and beeps between s1 to s2 
K1PIG 4637:20:06:43 2  Very weak here 2 13b2's and pre amp 
VE2HOT 4637:20:31:151   Heard 2 or 3 not full quieting carriers for a few seconds (suit was tumbling?) 
VE1AIC 4637:20:35:271   Weak Packet bursts on 437.800 
AA1YB 4637:20:36:581   Weak carrier and and unreadable voice burst on 145.990 FT-817 Arrow satellite antenna 
KB1MGI 4637:20:38:001   3 short data bursts 437.80 on a scanner with a outside antenna 
VE6BLD 4637:20:39:253   I received a pretty good SSTV picture .Uploaded to AJ3U. This is incredible fun!!! 
VE7WFG 4637:20:39:273   Russsian on 145.990 +/- doppler Suitsat is still alive using Klm 22 C antenna and Lanwher Preamp 
VE1 EJM 4637:20:39:321   Feb. 6/06, 13:02 UTC received very weak sst. Could not log on to submit report. 
n3nwz 4637:20:40:031   very weak cw sound 
KE7EYQ 4637:20:42:281   Heard 2 1-second bursts of carrier on 437.8, didn't sound like packet. 
VE6BLD 4637:20:43:574   Good 22 sec recording of girl.S4 with fading. Audio clip to AJ3U web site. 
WK0Q 4637:20:46:482   3:48:05AM central 2/6/2006. About 1sec of packet on 437.8, almost full quieting but no decode. Ant. is cheap tv bowtie into 10db preamp into pcr1000.  
VE7TIL 4637:20:47:181   Rapid doppler shifted carrier with modulation. Very weak with deep QSB. J-pole antenna and 4 ele beam. 
KD7IIQ 4637:20:48:151   Using a hand held 10 element yagi and Yasue VX5R very faint intermitant mail voice 145.995MHz and faint packet bursts on 437.800MHz 
WK0Q 4637:20:49:232   3:48:05AM central 2/6/2006. About 1sec of packet, almost full quieting but no decode. Ant. is cheap tv bowtie into 10db preamp into pcr1000.  
VK2LL 4637:21:11:271  0 Cxr observed via SSB. Measured doppler @ 932Hz/min via Digipan. Nil hrd on FM. Nil hrd on 423MHz.  
vk4it 4637:21:14:171   Faint voice heard for 2 seconds when at 85 degrees elevation using VX7 and Arrow dualband yagi 
VK5ZAI 4637:21:22:112   good pass, received both voice and enough data to auto start SSTV program. The signal is always louder on aproaching max. elevation than when departing  
wb5izd 4637:21:33:231   thought i heard packet or digital burst 2 times - slowscan?? - extremely faint - less than 1 
F5RRO 4637:21:42:181   Weak russian Voice with a Packet !! on 437,798 FM 
KB2HAP 4637:22:12:132   Heard very strong packet on 437.8 and some very weak carriers on 145.99 using th-f6a and ic-207 
ad7fc 4637:22:17:251   10 packet bursts on 437.800 between 11:19 and 11:23 UTC; nothing on 145.990 
SP9JCN 4637:23:12:581   very weak and QSB on Feb 6, 08:30 UTC 
ccastillo 4637:23:30:221   weak SSTV and Packet Radio signal mixed in 437.790 Mhz. RX: Yupiteru MVT-7100 and Diamond RH-795 
19mc127 4637:23:37:021   male voice that sounded russian for about 20 s 
F1MDT 4637:23:46:301   Burst packet 437.80 (yagi cross 10els 2m/70cm IC-910H) 
KB9MFT 4637:23:52:113   Heard three or four data bursts on 437.80MHz, heard nothing on 145.99MHz. Using Yasue FT-530 with Rubberduck for 70cm band, Azden AZDEN PCS-2000 with 5/8-wave whip for 2-meter band.  
KC0UVB 4637:23:52:372   heard bits of various languages, clear Japanese & SSTV bits 
N0JLB 4637:23:58:451   Very weak voice and CW. Partial SSTV image 
F2lq 4638:01:04:201   qsb some SStv and audio signals 
19mc127 4638:01:05:401   heard a voice for several seconds. couldn't hear what was said RST was too low. eq. uniden bc120xlt + discone 
9A2EY 4638:01:08:55   This morning (06. Feb.) at 03.45 UTC and 05.24 UTC I heard clear signals (voice, packet, SSTV) on 437.800 MHz. Because of QRL I will analyse signals later on. ANT fixed 7 el. Yagi to the north, fixed elevation 30 deg. RIG Kenwwod TM721. Nothing hrd on 145 
AsteRX 4638:01:09:281   9:33Z Heard beeps, male voice, maybe SSTV 437.800 
G1HGA 4638:01:09:351   Several packet bursts heard on 437.800 
KE7EYX 4638:01:11:461   very faint voice transmission mixed in with static 
TA1D 4638:01:16:12   some ground stn signal across the ISS FT100D on 437.800 MHZ. 
KE5DFA 4638:01:16:341   I heard a weak Doppler Effect carrier with a trace of modulation at one point. 
DJ4XN 4638:01:22:272   I hear Packet 1k2 on 145.985 1 seconds on / abt 10 seconds off 
KC9IMT 4638:01:25:471   Weak carrier with something behind it... 
W1XP 4638:01:26:311   Weak signal with abrupt fading. Most of the time to weak for FM detection. Using SSB mode to track carrier signal. Has bits of audio modulation at times.  
KB9KX 4638:01:27:281    Very weak CW on 145.990.  
KC8RAN 4638:01:30:301   heard girl's voice,but couldn't hear message.  
Jack Maybrick 4638:01:32:111   Very weak signal, too weak to understand, maybe heard some female voice,  
K6VLF 4638:01:35:15   Barely perceptible - could not differentiate voices from tones  
HB9IRM 4638:02:04:314   I heard suitsat 437.800 Mhz signal supper 
la6doa 4638:02:21:361   small bursts on 437.800 with handheld VX-7 
John 4638:02:32:272   Signal on 437.8MHz SSTV,Voice,Packet audio on  
DM1USL 4638:02:35:444   telemetry burst in 2 min 
EI3IP 4638:02:39:452   06:54 - 06:55z - 437.800 Packet like bursts plus two short burs of un-intelligble voice. Nothing heard on 145.990 
S56FLE 4638:02:40:58   Interrupts in static on 145.990 
G1KSW 4638:02:42:071   Short data bursts. ? See for wav file. 
OE6RKE 4638:02:45:541   10 - 15 sec female audio. audio sent to 
G6BHB 4638:02:48:412   Suitsat still alive, short burst of CW, carrier heard, deep fading. 
N1JBJ 4638:02:54:381   Barely heard male voice & Code(?) on 13 degree Alt pass 
K4HSM 4638:02:55:401   Faint packet on 437.795. Something else but couldn't tell what. Nothing on 2m thru 11el vert 
KB9KX 4638:02:55:541   very weak, male voice for several seconds 
ka8lwr 4638:02:59:201   packet on 437.8-voice on 145.99(russian)and sstv tones(distorted) 
KB9KX 4638:03:00:301   I heard a single beep followed by a packet burst.  
wa8crb 4638:03:01:084   437.80 mhz. I heard 1 data burst 
xe3iss 4638:03:02:241   only 1 seg voice 13b2 
wa8crb 4638:03:34:174   I heard 2 data burst just now 
VK5ZAI 4638:03:50:031   Signals down on yesterday 
wa8crb 4638:04:04:345   1 data burst 
DL8LTD 4638:04:15:171   very weak signal, heard voice and packet bursts  
PE1RDW 4638:04:17:402   Heard voice fragments trough repeater along with curtesie tones and packet 
S57GD 4638:04:17:513   Agn faint SSTV on 437.8MHz but only a few seconds of carrier on 145.990 MHz 
ON4VDV 4638:04:19:261   Signal to week to understand it  
KA2CDK 4638:04:32:281   SSTV like warble for 5-10 seconds, very weak, then garbled male voice also very weak, then back to SSTV like warble 
wa8crb 4638:04:33:445   heard data burst twice 
KL7JT/1 4638:04:43:251   Very weak carrier heard on 145.99 with slight doppler 
ZL3LL 4638:05:08:441   very weak intermittent voice transmission just above background static 
ZL2FNF 4638:05:08:551   Doppler shifted arrier audible at elevations > 25 degrees - have mp3 - SuitSatman still alive 
S57GD 4638:05:46:084   Faint SSTV signals in intervals on 437.8 MHZ 10 el. yagi 
Beta 4638:05:51:011   I only heard one single beep for half a second.  
Sandro 4638:05:56:543   Some beeps (SSTV?) in intervals on 437.8 MHZ FM / With clear doppler shift / 85 deg. elev. Pass / Handheld IC-R10 with Rubberduck 
EA4ZR 4638:05:58:121   Heard doppler carrier at 03:42z 
KA1HVR 4638:06:12:401   Heard CW on 145.985 when pointing rubber ducky to northwest 
ZL2FNF 4638:06:41:251   Weak variable doppler shifted carrier on 145.99 - only audible at 30 deg elevation & satellite antenna - have mp3 
DK9NW 4638:06:44:141   somme SSTV with interupts 
BG6AHP 4638:07:10:112   Weak carrier signal from S2 to S3 about 2 second on 145.990 and strong carrier on 437.800,unreadable.ANT:9 EL 2m Yagi and10 EL 0.7m Yagi. 
Peppe Highlande 4638:07:31:031   Ascolto dei dati telemetrici,spettacolo! 
HR2A 4638:07:52:142   very weak  
PY4AJ 4638:07:54:311   Weak signal. Rx FT847 - 6 Ant. ele yagi 
WA2TUD 4638:08:27:441   Very weak. Only static for less than 30 seconds 
DF1ZE 4638:09:15:001   weak SSTV-Signal over 30 sec 
KB3LCZ 4638:10:33:351   Very weak signal, voice behind the static 
NevF 4638:10:48:421   Reporting A weak Pale Voice, received as scrambled and a loud amplified voice 
N2CSP 4638:11:29:321   HEARD 3-4 PAKET BURSTS ON 145.990- RECORDED 
N9SGE 4638:11:33:21   Faint cw static voice. Great experiment w/ my children! Thanks! 
WA2SMS 4638:11:35:401   a faint female voice in the static 
NevFSat 4638:11:45:001   Heard a Weak Voice for about 3 seconds before losing full signal 
ZS6GC 4638:12:27:191   Signal on 145.985.3 USB. Freq changes due to doppler fast. 
PP8DA 4638:12:46:361   Heavy QSB no data copied possible SSTV transmission 
AE6TS 4638:13:08:302   Brief CW burst 
KE6ETS 4638:13:30:581   2 short bursts 
G3ZUN 4638:13:34:061   At 06.04.48 on 04.02.06 weak carrier signal heard for 4mins 
K7XQ 4638:14:23:08   Nothing Heard FM Mode, Used EME Array Antenna 
VE6BLD 4638:14:25:50  137.0I have sent reordings of audio including TELEMETRY to  
WA2TUD 4638:14:33:412   Again, very weak. Just a beep on my radio. 
WD8KRV 4638:14:36:381   Light voice believed heard just above squelch level on 5dB gain vertical 
n6rvc 4638:14:47:281   weak doppler shifting carrier 
AD7BK 4638:14:49:142   I heard bursts of tones, and a voice but it was weak 
JA7NMB 4638:15:49:541   437.80MHz, Weak beep and voice on mobile sets,Japan,JST 02:01 
PY3VHQ 4638:15:52:531   weak signal, carrier no audio 
PY3VHQ 4638:15:54:061   weak signal, carrier no audio 
kc5wjg 4638:16:09:201   signal to week to understand it 
kb5zcs 4638:16:09:231   very weak,heard voices 
YV5KXE 4638:16:10:421   Very weak intermitent carrier tone  
WB5ZKP 4638:16:11:291   1 quick tone and a 2 sec voice bit about a minute later 
XE3ISS 4638:16:13:141   very weak carrier 
AF2C 4638:16:14:113   17:23 Data 2 bursts, 17:25:15 utc data, 17:26:00 utc voice - hrd 437.8 mHz 
XE2MUO 4638:16:16:351   Very low beacon heard mixed with noise, lasted just 2 seconds 
KC0RWZ 4638:16:19:223   437.975 Male voice in what I believed to be russian, relatively strong through Xband repeater but cut out and secs later appeared again briefly 
Berendo 4638:16:19:411   short (<2 second) data burst faintly heard underneath static 
KD7SUU 4638:16:20:410   faint CW in USB mode. Some chattery sounding clicks. 
Rob 4638:16:20:541   very weak, intermittent unintellagable voice, carrier on and off 
W4TEJ 4638:16:21:592   3 bursts of carrier, twice. Hope it wasn't local tuner! (no data) 
Barkes 4638:16:22:252   ISS 437.8 MHz. SSTV (1sec bursts) x 7 for 1 min. on Handheld Scanner 
KG4YUQ 4638:16:28:561   Tone and a few beeps (VX-7R, Tape measure yagi) 
9w6ray 4638:16:33:231   Heard signal briefly on 145.990 qsy to 437.800 heard man voice in strange language, unidentified with background 
KD7UXO 4638:16:57:181   received b/w sstv@0537z noisy pic seattle 
DF8ST 4638:17:18:081   Very very weak signal, heard voice 
kb1jna 4638:17:37:081   ft8900 w/vert ant. unintell. audio for about 10sec. very weak 
YV5KXE 4638:17:37:191   Very weak intermitent fast carrier tone  
KD7SUU 4638:17:38:321   USB, Hr'd broken CW, brief garbled voice, clicks, nothing complete or discernable. 
KE4COP 4638:17:45:571   Very weak carrier 1 - 2 sec's 
kc8zev 4638:17:46:571   weak SSTV signal received, lasted 5 sec 
ki4eiz 4638:17:47:341   very weak heard voices but not readable 
KQ4GI 4638:17:48:322   437.8 Mhz - Packet Bursts & Speech, Nothing on 145.990 Mhz. Duration ~5 Min. @ 10:50 EST -- (MP3 audio) 
KF4MOU 4638:17:49:073   FM carrier with SSTV - 3.5 seconds total duration Audio Recording @ 
WZ4O 4638:17:50:461   Very weak carrier on SSB with Doppler (used yagi and preamp) 
K2PAT 4638:17:52:111   1 burst of data, receiver usb 145.890, 3dB monopole 
N7ZEV 4638:17:52:311   Very week SSTV signal ~2 seconds 
KB0NPW 4638:17:52:551   Very weak. Faintly heard SSTV. Using Yaesu VX-7R with Cushcraft Ringo Ranger II vertical. Recorded audio. 
W0CK 4638:17:53:021   Couple of weak carrier bursts of 2-3 sec duration 
AH6EZ 4638:17:54:371   few seconds of weak voice and then Robot 36, 5 el cross yagi preamp 
Iowa City 4638:17:54:431   3 brief signals but not able to hear voice 
AD5SJ 4638:17:55:421   very weak unintelligible male voice - discone antenna/scanner 
KD6QLG 4638:17:58:201   Male voice muffeled & beeps on 437.800. Nothing on 145.990 
VE6BLD 4638:17:58:541   I received suitSat for the fourth time at08:39 local.Not as strong as last two.See for recordings. 
KE2N 4638:17:59:552   weak carrier then packet bursts 
KL7FZ 4638:18:02:111   2 brief periods of carrier detected about 20 seconds each 
WY1U 4638:18:12:361   Very Weak Signal-Drifting down in freq-Possible voice-barely discernible 
W4WSR 4638:18:51:231   Some voice & SSTV heard. Peak strengths readable, but too short. QSB rate = 8 sec. 
VE2FDW 4638:19:07:421   SSB carrier in noise with doppler effect. Duration 3 sec. 
kc8lpm 4638:19:10:261   very weak, heard voice 1 sec. 
w9mjf 4638:19:15:481   very ewak carrier 
KC2NTG 4638:19:17:371   carrier burst few secs at time using 3/ele handheld beam/vx-150 
KC2OYG 4638:19:19:351 1 65 mostly just static 
K2CX 4638:19:20:18   Much lower signals this morn, at 022/52 voice modulation too weak to discern 
Ka9ymg 4638:19:20:341   Heard very weak sstv signal for 3 to 4 seconds 
WD0FPY 4638:19:22:041   Very very weak voice @15:50 - 2/5/06 
KC8SXA 4638:19:22:161   very weak 
photonman 4638:19:27:501   Heard a couple of bleeps, sounds like SSTV, weak signal strength 
VA3BJJ 4638:19:28:231   two very weak tone burst just barley over the noise...nothing else 
ve2jmk 4638:19:29:422   Heard 2 bursts of packet 
KG4YYR 4638:19:29:492   data burst, 3 seconds in duration 
W3EP 4638:19:29:531   14:10.30 UTC SSTV-like tones, 5 seconds, 145.990; 14:14.30 brief snatches of voice 145.990 a few seconds duration; nil 143.625 and 437.880; 4 Yagis el-az on both bands. W3EP (Conn) 
KC0TZS 4638:19:31:241   Heard a brief electronic signal, then nothing for about a minute, then, after fully opening squelch, could barely hear (but not make out) human voice in the heavy static. 
kb0gu 4638:19:31:361   one data burst 
kd5pib 4638:19:31:552   short carrier sound 
AD7FC 4638:19:31:581   one faint beep 
W4TME 4638:19:33:541   Maybe 1-2 seconds of carrier. RST 21 at best. 
WA8VCT 4638:19:34:392   Heard short burst of telemetry only (5 Feb 06, 0708 MST) 
kb2nqn 4638:20:53:031   weak packet bursts 
WY1U 4638:20:59:191   Very Weak Signal-Drifting down in freq-Possible voice-barely discernible 
VE1MR 4638:21:02:212   Girls voice then CW then SSTV - heavy QSB - 22 el w mm preamp - have poor recording 
KB0ORZ 4638:21:02:373   Lot of static-static would vary in intensity no voice heard 
VE6BLD 4638:21:03:33-1  137.0Heard suit sat for third time!!.Recorded audio and telemetry and SSTV!!wow 
Kat& KC8ZBK 4638:21:03:511   Weak SSTV signal heard. 
kc9bpz 4638:21:04:202   strong signal, bursts of static only 
KB1GUE 4638:21:06:121   Heard very weak distorted cw and voice 
K0KGR 4638:21:06:19   No 145.99 sig. ISS 145.8 sig good. 
ke7dgq 4638:21:11:521   weak barely audable voice, in/out with suitsat rotation w/arrow/ft857 
KB0ORZ 4638:21:15:503   10 minutes of static- no actual voice but continued longer then any other times- preamp with a Larson mag mount antenna 
VK4JWT 4638:21:33:311   weak carrier heard 
VK4XPL 4638:21:40:461   3 bursts of packet type data 
VK3KBV 4638:21:42:142 2  Very Faint tone with doppler 34deg.  
VK3KBV 4638:21:42:342   Very Faint tone with doppler 34deg. 
VK5ZK 4638:21:43:122   Weak voice using SSB 11el beam Intermittent (Russian accent) 
UR5RAA 4638:22:10:121   A series of very weak fragments of a man's voice. Time: 08:08:10 GMT 
SWL i10ge 4638:22:22:581   carier only very low - center 145.990 - @11:10 UTC -3 kHz; @11:12 UTC 0 beat,; @11.14 UTC +3kHz / receiver +/- 250 Hz 
UR5RAA 4638:22:23:201   A series of very weak fragments of a man's voice. Time: 08:08:10 GMT 
9h1JL 4638:22:26:183   several bursts of packet transmissions on the island of Malta 
EI5FK 4638:22:32:051   Weak female voice and some Telemtery  
KE7AZF 4638:22:37:481    weak carrier only  
N6SPP//sfo area 4638:22:38:07   no sig S.S.// (ISS Sig:S8 packet 145.8//1052z 5feb. 
WB6KDH 4638:22:40:411   a few syllables of female voice, 10:55:27 UTC, 16º elevation. gp ant, no amp. 
KD4SFD 4638:22:42:421   Squelch breaking only will anylizse later 
KA0KZB 4638:22:42:551   2 shrt packet bursts 2min apart-Dev from noise may have been voice 
KB1CVH 4638:22:44:311   1 sec weak audio, may be russian male voice. 
KI6BAM 4638:22:47:171   two <1sec digital data bursts 02:51:07PST and 02:54:19PST 
KG6URI 4638:22:47:38   Possible weak carrier 
KD7FLY 4638:22:48:361   Very short burst of USB, Heard it a little bit ago, will listen again :-D 
FR1FF 4638:23:27:501   heard at 09.57 z and 09.59 z about 2 seconds of very weak phone transmission; the same male voice with the same intonation; used IC-e90 and SRH-q 
k1ilr 4638:23:39:491   Unable to decipher code because of weak signal; heard at 6:02-6:-03 a.m. 
SWL (SQ5) 4638:23:56:371   six weak one second bursts of sstv 
EA1FAQ 4638:23:57:151   sort brust male voice 
kg4tos 4638:23:59:551   very weak burst of data or telemetry no voice  
G4ROA 4639:00:00:201   Heard weak CW for about 2/3secs @ 09.40z 5/2/06 
G1KDU 4639:00:00:531   Voice heard 
oh6mos 4639:00:03:10    
Gemini 4639:00:04:401   Male voice, unable to understand, 4-6 sec. duration 
kc8uih 4639:00:09:08   nothing heard 
KE6URX 4639:00:10:342   One faint packet on 145.8; but 145.99 & 143.625 at noise floor 
KI4MXY 4639:00:11:17   No signal heard. Thought I heard some carrier but no audio. 
matt summers 4639:00:11:44   it was really cool to be able to participate in this for school.* 
KC9ALV 4639:00:13:171  0 Very weak unintelligble sig w/ squelch open, wx severe clear, ISS was 59+  
KC9FSH 4639:00:13:261   Quieted down the static and I could hear a male voice for a brief second 
Nick 4639:00:13:451   Brief beeping and digital sounding signal. 
W1XP 4639:00:13:581   In SSB mode heard carrier that had intervals of voice modulation. Peaked at max el. time. Lost about 3 min. early. CW would have been easy Q5 at max. signal. 
N2JH - FN02dg 4639:00:14:251   Captured on Spectran in USB bandwidth. FM voice un-intelligible 
N9HVB 4639:00:15:091   REALLY weak but could tell when the xmit started and stopped 
W0TLS 4639:00:16:301   extreme QSB: female voice '...RSOR...' '...US...' cw '...R...' SSTV 
AZMSBL_Padress3 4639:00:20:141   1 sec carrier x 4 times 
KE7FZV 4639:00:20:263   Short data burst ..recorded..some signal visable on meter after..Using M2 7 el. Beam Pointed South.. 
KB0ORZ 4639:00:29:163   Heard carrier that modulation faded up and down, no clear voice heard(03:10 CST) 
ZL2CIA 4639:00:42:101   heard for first time. Rig in cw mode. Carrier + Doppler heard. 4 ele ant. Short coax. 
N2ECR 4639:00:56:14   Only a distant male voice repeater ID heard, no suit. 
DH7AEQ 4639:00:56:162   singnal on 9-Element-Yagi by 270° 
N9ADD 4639:01:00:08   Possible very weak tone; no info 
DH7AEQ 4639:01:06:012   singnal on 9-Element-Yagi by 270° 
F0CYF 4639:01:08:321   very weak signal SSTV 4 a 5 secondes 
KB2ZOE 4639:01:11:272   got two bits of what sounded like a call sign, that came through strong but after that there was nothing....however I was listening on a radio shack htx-202 w/rubber duck only!!! 
HB9ZGA 4639:01:16:25   can't hear, too much cable-tv noise 
HB9ZGA 4639:01:22:17   can't hear, too much cable-tv noise 
OK1AR 4639:01:24:071   HEARD AT 08:08 CW, ABT 4 SEC, S 1-2 ON 145,991.2 MHz 
I3VFJ 4639:01:26:001   only two dits just overhead ~73° elev 
UR5RAA 4639:01:27:491   A series of very weak fragments of a man's voice. Time: 08:08:10 GMT 
G6BHB 4639:01:28:131  0 Very weak signal, heard 3 - 4 seconds of SSTV but unable to sync. 
M3YSM 4639:01:28:192   Carrier Only 
MW0DTH 4639:01:29:091   Very weak - not readable- usung delta quad 
dfinayer 4639:01:29:52   3 sqelch breaks at 03:10 ET/ 
Russ 4639:01:31:501   Very faint voice in noise 
G1HGA 4639:01:32:091   Weak pulsing carrier on SSB for approx 10 minutes, nothing heard on fm 
DJ4XN 4639:01:32:273   sveral 1k2 Packets - sri, no modem here 
DL1YDD 4639:01:34:101   Clearly seen on spectrum waterfall display, doppler fits, ~30 s intervals visible 
F6AGR 4639:01:34:284   Loud and clear fr a few seconds at CPA. RHCP 11 el Yagi + 0.7 DB NF preamp 
PE1NUT 4639:01:36:221   Only heard two weak bursts, sounded like packet. 
SWL I10GE 4639:01:36:481   Voice not distinged 145.920 - at 8.10 IK1ZVK CQ calling/no QSL 
kc2dux 4639:01:39:191   Hear the word volt 
N9CG 4639:01:41:571   weak telemetry ie Pulsations, overhead Northern Virginia, on HT 
W1JEQ 4639:01:42:093 1970  AOS 0748z picked up carrier, 0749 Male Voice (no copy) 0750 Female Voice (French?) S1 0753 30sec Dead Carrier then weak voices S3, 0755 LOS FT1500 Ringo RangerII 
i have no calls 4639:01:43:191   i heard extremely faint male babbling... 
N2JH 4639:01:48:391   caught on Spectran-freq 144.991-doppler apprx 200hz/10sec 
AZMSBL_Padress3 4639:01:48:561   heard something like female singing voice 
KB3MXY 4639:01:49:371   Vouce heard through heavy static, followed by SSTV signal. Undecodeable and impossable to decypher voice 
KF4GTA 4639:01:50:091   Small carrier bursts only 
K2MAH 4639:01:50:263   Only carrier heard for about 30 seconds. 
KU5B 4639:01:52:151 2  packet, then weak male voice 
KU4OS 4639:01:52:251   SSTV tones, male&female voice only when using SSB 
XE1XWS 4639:01:54:02   No Signal  
tg9adv 4639:01:56:502   Male weak voice into the noise 
KD8CGT 4639:01:57:171   Very Week herd mostly staic but was able to pick out voivr 
kg4tos 4639:01:58:113   Heard telemetry type bursts on both 145.990 and 145.800 for 5 minutes no voice 
kg4tos 4639:02:00:543 5  Heard telemetry burst many times in 5 minutes no voice dustin davis 5th grade stonecreek elementary school rossville georgia mrs varnell 
vk3nm 4639:02:08:491   didnt hear much too buy munching on pizza and selling my lionelware clothes 
ab0kz 4639:02:19:272   female voice unable to hear what was being said 
KC0ISW 4639:02:19:372   FEMALE VOICE  
K7R42 4639:02:44:571   Very weak. 
kc8vwm 4639:02:47:011  
KB3GUF 4639:02:51:522   Signal varying from S-2 to S-7 four times on 75 second intervals(spin rate?) Unreadable. 
kl1va 4639:02:55:32   no signal 
meder 4639:03:00:381   weak carrier, 1/2sec packet bursts ~1/min 1:40EST 
JH2DFJ 4639:03:06:151   I tried ORBIT#1 to 3 of the Japanese sky, #12-18 reception, but catch a very weak signal seeming from a satellite when I reached MAX EL. However, I lose a noise and am impossible of decoding. 
ON4CDJ 4639:03:08:201   Very weak carrier for a few seconds 
F4EGX 4639:03:09:44   one or two seconds of carrying, with Doppler effect. Local QRM? 
WP3IH 4639:03:11:121   6:16 UTC at 70 deg, weak cw and short burst, over Puerto Rico  
N3NJ 4639:03:14:461   3 OR 4 SECONDS OF CW HEARD. NOT SURE WHAT 
G3ZUN 4639:03:17:30   AT 0628 O5O2O6 no carrier heard 
W1JEQ 4639:03:17:431 1880 0 Weak Audio: Female voice followed by Male voice. No S-Meter reading, Vy-noisey, just detectable, FT-1500 and RingoRangerII up 160FT Squelch off. 73 
HP1RRA 4639:03:20:03   no se escucho nada sobre panama en 145.990 ni 143.625 
Devotech 4639:03:22:191   Garbled voice or tone. Barely indistinguishable from the normal static. 
Jan F 4639:03:22:401   Very faint Male voice heard under noise ,lag 5 min behind station 
KM6JD 4639:03:25:564   Scratchy signal with voice, very intermittent. Heard on Alinco DJ-G5 HT 
XE3ISS 4639:03:27:081   small carrier antenna 13b2 
TG9ADV 4639:03:27:341   Very weak carrier signal on sstv by 4 secs. 
XE3ISS 4639:03:28:271   small carrier antenna 13b2 
XE3ISS 4639:03:31:191   small carrier antenna 13b2 
BL 4639:03:34:151   Elevation max 13 degreese. 
Lake Counity-IL 4639:03:50:46   All I Have Here In IL Is NOTHING YET 
VK7HGO 4639:03:58:16   Nothing at all heard  
n8ukb 4639:04:09:291   brief less than one second no usable information 
N5UYA 4639:04:30:221   Heard about 6 bursts of carrier over about 7-8 minutes. Longest lasting about 5 seconds. No modulation, just carrier.  
SM5SRR 4639:04:44:381   1 sec carrier 
VK2IT 4639:05:41:401   Very very weak mail voice, with +20db pre-amp; .wav available 
W6GSC 4639:05:43:191   Heard a very weak sig witha doppler shift tracked it down 5 khz over about a minutes time 
Kaetemi 4639:06:17:291   a few beeps for a sec 
hg2ecz 4639:06:18:211   I heard a weak signal with doppler transient 
i0qm 4639:06:19:532   small carrier, then digi? 
DK0SB 4639:06:25:291   Very weak signal in noise 
DJ5YM 4639:06:25:351   very weak sounded like voice 
w1ycz 4639:06:29:221   Very Weak Signal. Too poor to understand. 
southwest1125 4639:06:50:481   verry weak 
JK1ZAM 4639:07:31:481   very week signal usb mode  
TWiT-digg 4639:07:47:471   Weak SSTV signal 
wa6cde 4639:07:58:311   heard it at 1825z think I got the time messed up wrong for time sorry did recalc. 
K2GTM 4639:08:15:001   Recorded a fwoomp then two beeps spaced approx. 0.1s apart. Lasted about 1.25s. At 20:26:51 EST in Buffalo, NY 
N7UWX 4639:09:02:04-3   5 to 10 sqelch breaks no audio 
w4tey 4639:09:20:315 20  aos about 7pm los on 990 about 7:15 pm shifting down in freq.  
motorcity01 4639:10:20:422   heard voice with a lot of static 
KB7LMT 4639:11:19:231   Heard brief male voice at 0216 Central time this morning.Wasn't sure 
ZS6GC 4639:11:19:401   Very faint voice signals and some digital sigal - sound like morse code. 
KG4DMB 4639:11:35:272   WEAK MALE VOICE 
N8KAM 4639:11:42:043   full carrier with poss sstv. slight pause then followed by faint male voice  
9h1JL 4639:11:50:273   heard two short bursts of audio...not sure what language 
KE4PWE 4639:11:53:151   HEARD A MAGINAL CARRIER ON AUDIO D 2sec shift of 5 nothing else 
kc8wgn 4639:11:58:331   squelch open and in the static sounded like voltage 8.6 very weak signal 
2e1dnc 4639:12:01:361   very weak carrier on ft 847 w2000 vertical 
KB0XA 4639:12:03:071   145.990 Heard very faint CW with tiny bursts of full quieting carrier 
kd8aqh 4639:12:12:451   weak siginal carrier only in short burst 
5R8EW 4639:12:33:001   sqlch open tones cw and data bursts briefly.Ic-pcr1000+13el.Yag.+pre-ampl. 
VU2ROE 4639:12:34:451   CarrieCr detected intermittently on maximum elevation, faint male voice about 1sec duration but unintelligible 
usrob01 4639:12:42:471   heard a quiet fwoom, fwoom, fwoom, fwoom  
ZS6TW 4639:12:49:531   Copy at Nighttime and Daytime - Some parts of audio. Little deviation on signal. Measured 81 seconds between start of TX 
nbx909 4639:12:57:511   weak i heard some inaudiable but in a female voice from the static using a handheld aircaft radio scanner 
cx1th 4639:13:01:251   only carrier  
N6PSE 4639:13:26:242   Weak bursts of packet type noise on 145.990 
WA6CDE 4639:13:30:541   very week and broken up and down in strength voice not readable  
WA6FXT 4639:13:31:445   Carrier Only 
KG6WXC 4639:13:31:462   seeing/hearing carrier on 145.990, no voice, possible data tho 
mw0cxh 4639:13:37:592   heard a female and mans voice,strongest yet in io73 sq 
KI6BAM 4639:13:38:101   Heard two 1 second digital-like bursts, squelch open 
WA6CDE 4639:13:42:071   very week and broken up and down in strength voice not readable  
kc2dux 4639:13:54:301 1  Heard a carrier 
W7RQQ 4639:14:04:382   Heard what sounded like SSTV for about 12 Secs 
HS0EHF 4639:14:05:501   Very weak sstv signal (1937 UTC) 
KD7SYS 4639:14:17:131   Heard a couple of bleeps, sounds like SSTV, weak signal strength  
VK5ZK 4639:14:47:401   Confirm weak voice(Russian). Brief bursts. Only 3deg elevation. 11 el hor Yagi SSB mode. 
LU4DPB 4639:14:53:011   Very weak sstv signal 
K4KO 4639:14:57:071   broke the squelch briefly, maybe one second 
XE2AT 4639:14:58:512   beautiful lady voice , just 5 seconds before QSB. IC-820 and 2x3wl yagis for EME 
XE2MZS 4639:15:03:251   Very weak signal  
KA1HVR 4639:15:05:361   Heard CW on 145.985 when pointing rubber ducky to northwest 
n8sgb 4639:15:06:531   THought I heard a carrier tone 
XE2MZS 4639:15:07:051   Very weak signal  
CJ 4639:15:08:071   Very weak male voice signal for approx 10 seconds 
kg6szw 4639:15:08:181   Consisten packet. ?  
Check-Six 4639:15:08:311   Very weak signal - barely above background - faint chatter - Ran signal thru an amp 
KC6ZGG 4639:15:08:341   Weak unintellegable male voice 3 or 4 short transmissions 
KF9MA 4639:15:08:565   Brief bursts of packet like noise. 
California, USA 4639:15:09:092   very short carrier duration, no information 
iLopez 4639:15:10:391   Heard Very Very Faint Voice.. Unintelligible 
K5YC 4639:15:10:441   several seconds very breif & weak voice (not readable) Na1SS on 145.80 S5 
W6PAP 4639:15:11:111   very weak data signal heard for about one second 
N6SPP 4639:15:12:563   2 sec carrier/ ic746/Arrow Ant @ 1829z 4Feb//miniDisc rec. 
kg6jve 4639:15:15:40   Nothing w/yagi Bill McArthur was on said he could hear nothing from SS 
n6nq 4639:15:15:55   4 real short carrier burst, heard nothing intelligible 
WF6J 4639:15:22:281   weak signals 
JN1GKZ 4639:15:24:082   Heard voice and ID around max elevation 
Trussville, AL 4639:15:24:132   Male Voice, could NOT understand the voice. (10:45am CST) 
DF1ZE 4639:15:26:133   1 short burst telemetry 
JH0TOG 4639:15:34:451   Very Weak USB mode Voice and SSTV mod S1 9ele+RFAMP+IC910 
kc9esf 4639:15:44:061   couple tones, maybe sstv? 
K0KGR 4639:16:10:291   Only weak carrier. 145.8 packet fair. 
kb8pxv 4639:16:23:313   4 minutes of packet bursts every 15 sec, nothing recordable - no voice 
VE3NSV 4639:16:23:425   21 Packet bursts, great signal, have recording. 
kc2lsu 4639:16:29:273   1 second digital buzz 
KE5GWM 4639:16:33:321   Possible very weak CW, Could barely make out SSTV transmission, Alot left for the imagination 
KAZTUCO32 4639:16:34:362   Carrier only for about 10 minutes 
KE3WM 4639:16:35:322   very weak voice short burst 
KD4UYP 4639:16:36:501   Got a very brief (less that a second) audio burst above the static, some SSTV bursts as well, but nothing longer than 1s at a time 
KB3MXY 4639:16:36:591   Voice heard through static, squelch had to be completely open 
KO4MH 4639:16:37:392   Heard 0.5sec data bursts every few secs in Kansas, USA on 145.815 MHz with 3el Yagi. Confirmed true signal by pointing direction tests and AOS/LOS times. 
NOLM 4639:16:40:231   Heard ~29 packet bursts (folks transmitting on ISS uplink freq?), several carrier bursts and 2 locals transmitting on the downlink freq - thanks guys. 
WD8DAS 4639:16:40:533   Two short bursts of carrier well above the noise. Modulation was AFSK - possible SSTV transmission? 
Timbo 4639:16:42:541   1 beep, minutes later 1 again, maybe voice?? FT50&GP9ant 
VE3SCP 4639:16:44:05   FM quieting, very brief and weak voice (not readable) and short burst of data 
N6RVC 4639:16:46:221   several seconds of very weak carrier with evidence of doppler shift 
W7IUV 4639:16:47:182   used 8x8 EME array, vry intermittant, peaked S5 one time 
JE9PEL 4639:16:57:50   Noise over Japan 
FHU-AZ 4639:17:01:202   Broke sqlch often. I barely heard about 2 seconds of the message, something that said zero zero. 
VE2PEP 4639:17:17:292   at 1527 utc DATA like packet record 2 time 
VE6AB 4639:17:18:371   sstv data with start tone recorded on R20/arrow 
VE2PEP 4639:17:29:262   DATA record 2 time 
k8did 4639:17:32:291   cpyed rs0 had 2 5secs of cpy  
N3ADO 4639:17:45:401   Siginal up to S5 in short burst . nothing understood 
PT7ZHD 4639:18:01:561   very weak signal in noise level vy 73 and thanks for suitsat 
n8vub 4639:18:03:261   2 Data Burst Very Weak Signal using 26B2 Antenna 
AJ3U 4639:18:06:241   definite FM carrier at TCA - THD7 and Arrow antenna 
K2CX 4639:18:07:011   Weak female voice at 220 Deg / 45 Deg 5 el Yagi 
Susie 4639:18:07:521   Three data beeps. Extremely weak voice detection unable to make out information.Base station scanner used. 
K2CX 4639:18:11:161   Very weak female voice - 5 el yagi at 228/45 
KB0GU 4639:18:11:191   Very faint data 
WA3ETD 4639:18:11:47   Several weak beeps, w/beam & low noise preamp 
KF4MOU 4639:18:11:551   Very weak SSTV signal - no voice - slight carrier breaks up background noise 
W5WD 4639:18:11:552   Carrier without modulation 
N5UYA 4639:18:12:101   Heard about 6 bursts of carrier over about 7-8 minutes. Longest lasting about 5 seconds. No modulation, just carrier.  
KV4CN 4639:18:12:181   heard voice twice & carrier VX-5 + arrow antenna 
KD4UYP 4639:18:12:502   No Telemetry - Got a second or two of SSTV and some beeps 
KB8VAZ 4639:18:13:122   2 data bursts 
K9ORP 4639:18:13:243   The wavering tone is getting weaker. on 145.92 CW 
kc5kge 4639:18:13:251   Very weak, just heard the CW IDer 
meder 4639:18:13:333   Short bursts 1-2/min on 145.990, good signal horizon to horizon. Nothing on 143.625. Scanner w/ducky! 
KC2OJN 4639:18:13:391   Very, Very Weak tone, also good solid bursts of data on 145.800 
W2DUG 4639:18:13:511   short data burst, then brief unreadable human voice a moment later using Arrow antenna 
AB0RX 4639:18:14:071   Very Weak signal (poss SSTV) just above the noise. Recorded. 
WY1U 4639:18:14:301   Very weak-weak voice signal for short period 
K8RCZ 4639:18:14:403   Heard packet tx on 145.990 off the side of a 7element vertically polarized beam. Only heard when directly over head. 
BD-PA 4639:18:14:521 996  Heard Data beeps as it was overhead. lasted about 8 seconds 
KA8HQL 4639:18:15:012   FM QSB audio 'RS0ISS' some TLM and SS signals too not decodable 
KG4YYR 4639:18:15:082   3 bursts of data signals, twice in succession 
AB2IZ 4639:18:15:231   Two beeps??? Otherwise nothing. 
K9GX 4639:18:15:521   Packet bursts on 145.990 while RS0ISS was S9 on 145.80. I have recording 
W9KH 4639:18:15:531   2 long tones at1525, 2 short tones at 1533 utc.Have recording.5 el. yagi fixed to North. 
kc0oop 4639:18:16:291   heard 3 very weak data bursts 
W1AG 4639:18:16:442   Heard unmistakable unmodulated carrier 
KG4QWC 4639:18:17:011   Weak audio peaks aroudn 420-Hz, VX5-R + Arrow ant. 
kc2ntg 4639:18:18:19   possible beeps and or burst 
N3MVF 4639:18:18:384   My noise floor with preamp is S3. With ISS at 70-80 degree's, carrier on frequency went as high as S15. No voice. 
VE2GHO 4639:18:18:421   Heard very weak carrier with something that seems to be voice at 15:22 UTC and two tones signal for about 30 sec. at 15:23 UTC. Have a recording. 
KB0GU 4639:18:18:441   Possible data only very weak 
KE4LAA 4639:18:19:191   3 packet handshakes over 4 min. soft then loud then soft... very weak 
WD4CBZ 4639:18:20:391   Very weak short burst of digital signal 
ke6yrc 4639:18:21:501   squelch set off; 2 instances when white noise stopped momentarily, but not audio. Used 145.800 packet bursts as beacon. 
VE6MAB 4639:18:22:211   Very week tones heard  
ve6bld 4639:18:24:383  0 I have a good recording of a girl and male voice!!KLM20 elem crossed with Landweir preamp!! 
KD5QBE 4639:18:54:012   Data Only - No Voice 
k8did 4639:18:58:482   best i'v cpyed cw,sstv and voice  
KB9REV 4639:19:46:251   Three beeps? verrrry weak 
KC7VQR 4639:19:46:421   Heard 3 beeps and couple words of French, but do not understand French. Had 28 elements faceing it. Thought some one was playing around, went back to bed. 
VE3NSV 4639:19:48:501   Heard a beep followed by a 2 secod carrier, have recording also. 
W9KH 4639:19:51:201   Heard 5 very faint beeps then nothing.Couldn't get the recorder started in time.Here's to hopin there's still life out there! 
WD8OCS 4639:19:56:221   Weak carrier with no mod except for what sounded like 1 data burst, ott 4639:19:57:432   Carrier unmod twice, Two beeps opened squelch 
VK3KBV 4639:20:19:112   Very week tones detected at peak of 67'  
K2GTM 4639:20:39:351   Recorded a weak beep at 8:10:54 EST over Buffalo, NY. 
vk5zai 4639:20:44:542   decoded part of picture but very noisy also garbled voice 
wf1f 4639:20:51:241   Heard CW and SSTV Start tone, only in USB 
DUKE 4639:21:27:411   Weak signal, faint fragmented voice 
Al 4639:21:37:581   Heard some voices, very broken, over a span of two or three minutes 
K9DB 4639:22:59:39   nothing heard 
KC0UVB 4639:23:06:091   heard girl's voice, cw, beginning of SSTV, end of SSTV & much noise 
kg6jve 4639:23:20:071   Weak female voice for 1 second 
ta1bm 4639:23:21:57   no signal 
Taroona Primary 4639:23:55:161   Just some pings 
VK7TBH 4639:23:58:401   Ver weak bursts of carrier 
DE8MSH 4640:00:07:20   No SSTV, no recordings, no Packet TLM :((( 
KB0YDN 4640:00:12:52   Extremely weak SSTV, wasn't convinced I had it due to weak sig 
N1VMC 4640:00:23:04   silent 
KB1LNA 4640:00:23:25   Nothing heard  
N1VMC 4640:00:24:59   no 
TA1BM 4640:00:38:08   no signal 
KA8HQL 4640:00:38:432   FM voice ID followed by unreadable audio and a blip of a voice in French (I think) 
KR1ZAN 4640:00:44:442   Two short bursts of packet 
K5FUN 4640:00:45:17   Nothing heard.It was right overhead. 
ZL1VXH 4640:00:45:45   Nothing heard here 
KW5CQ 4640:00:45:571   Heard very short disturbance but nothing intelligible. Saw what might have been a Kenwood re-entering, hi! 
KB9IOZ 4640:01:10:171   Nothing Intelligible heard after copious monitorring. 
dfinayer 4640:01:27:171   03:08 est male voice/sorry for the late report/ 
SV6KPY 4640:01:32:27   no signal 
nuforc 4640:01:32:271   Signal weak in ssb doppler present 
G1KSW 4640:01:35:55   Nothing heard :( Very cold though. Do handsets work at 2.7K? 
4S7VJ 4640:01:41:081   a piece of a word herd on 145.990 MHz 
N5DWW 4640:01:47:182   Only beeps and sounds nothing understandable I recorded  
g6did 4640:01:59:521   Slight fluctuations in background noise. Slight buzz and whistle. Listened to tape several times. 
G8DVW 4640:02:00:591   few seconds of very weak doppler shifting carrier  
G3ZUN 4640:02:02:541   At 0604 on040206 heard weak carrier only over 4 mins 
N2ECR 4640:02:07:52   Nothing Heard 
Kaj and Japheth 4640:02:16:261   Very weak singnal, nothing discernable. 
AA4JF 4640:02:22:291   Good data burst, short duration 
VK6XH 4640:03:04:192   weak buts its def there 
G3ZUN 4640:03:21:391   Carrier heard only. No voice heard 
DL1TB 4640:03:23:25   nothing heard, only noise 
emz(at) 4640:03:36:341   heard a short beep at 7:05:11 loc. time (6:05:11 UTC) 145.990 MHz. have it on tape. anyone else? email: emz(at) 
YV5HUJ 4640:03:48:24   No signals (Caracas, Venezuela) 
VK6NX 4640:04:00:121   4 Paket Bursts (unknown if space based or local) 
hs3yi 4640:04:04:24   no signal 
E20ZFD 4640:04:38:25   Nothing in SQL.  
hs4pov 4640:04:43:15   no signal 
USA - dead suit 4640:05:02:11 
K2MAH 4640:05:24:26   I just read NASA says the SuitSat died after 2 orbits, bummer. 
HJ3-RUQ 4640:05:25:171  0 Ultra weak signal. No data at all. 
VE3 4640:05:33:07   NASA TV commentator said Suitsat ceased operation after 2 orbits 
It's Dead Jim 4640:05:34:49   NASA reports SuitSat is DEAD 
LU4FDV 4640:05:36:06   No signal heard 03,35 to 04,05, Sorry..... 
KC2NTG 4640:05:36:37   143.625 or 145.990 
ntvinfo 4640:05:38:17   NASA TV announcer reporting SuitSat is now non-functional 
It's a negative 4640:05:39:20   NASA-TV is reporting the batteries have frozen or died. Suitsat is dead 
meco3hp 4640:05:44:25   NASA TV says they think the batteries are too cold 
puas 4640:05:44:34   noise level 
VK4SJW 4640:05:45:24   Nothing heard  
zl3ga 4640:05:48:43   Nothing heard... 
ZL1DT 4640:05:51:04   Not a sqeak! Nada! 
WB3IVX 4640:05:52:27   nothing in Pa. 
K0NEB 4640:05:53:45   Nothing heard, hope for better in the morning. 
VK4YOI 4640:05:54:20   Nothing heard 
zl2ft 4640:05:54:48   Nothing heard at all 
ZL1AOX 4640:05:56:411   Very weak signals detected withh SSB mode selected. Unable to decode anything useful. 
VK2IT 4640:05:57:16   Nothing heard 
zl2cwa 4640:05:57:39   No signal 
Fede 4640:05:59:23    
ZL1DGK 4640:05:59:241   No Signal, Elv max 51 
k177r 4640:06:00:165   Strong sounds of......nothing 
vk4ari 4640:06:00:54   nothing that can be confirmed 
vk2zty 4640:06:00:57   Nothing heard 
TA2X 4640:06:01:06   bad signal 
RW6AUM 4640:06:02:09   All Night Listening And No Even 1 Second Voice :( 
VK4JWT 4640:06:02:50   Two radios Two antenna's one vert one beam no signal at all 
VK4JAM 4640:06:03:43   NOTHING HEARD...outlook not good 
N3MMH 4640:06:06:051   Very weak sig, barely heard. 
VK4VHF 4640:06:07:00    
N3MMH 4640:06:07:181   Weak sig 
VK2HEF 4640:06:08:59   Nothing heard FM, S7 band noise on SSB 
VK4IT 4640:06:09:12   Nothing Heard 
BX1AD 4640:06:11:13   Nothing was heard. (Max elv. 43 deg.) 
RW6AUM 4640:06:12:34   No Signal From 22:00 to 03:25 UTC, But Still Hope 
JS6RMZ 4640:06:13:44   No signal, only slight break in sql. 
K7NYS 4640:06:15:44   NOTHING HEARD...outlook not good 
VK4AZX 4640:06:15:46   No signal 
VK4EHT 4640:06:17:31   No positive evidence of signal 
LU1VDA 4640:06:18:21    
KC2NTG 4640:06:18:34   NONE HEARD 
kcouav 4640:06:18:40   Ahh.. all i getting is static 
XE2NN 4640:06:18:54   NOTHING HEARD YET...73 
W9EC 4640:06:20:31   Monitor since launched No Sigs my QTH 
JA6BX 4640:06:22:20   Nothing Heard with 8el X-Yagi Ant. 
RW3ADB 4640:06:24:15   not heard. 143.625 - 57 max 3:01:00 UTC and 1:27 UTC 
OK1AR 4640:06:29:16   no signal at 02,55, at 01,22 also negative 
IK1SLD 4640:06:29:27   Nothing heard. Using an Arrow and a preamplifier. Max elev. 21° 
QS - 915 4640:06:29:42   Hoping & Waiting 
DK3WN 4640:06:33:51   nothing heard 
9A4QV 4640:06:35:08   Nothing heard on 145.990 nor 437.800, 143.625 very loud 
hg2ecz 4640:06:35:101   very weak signal 
9A8MM 4640:06:36:23  0 SuitSat not heard, 143.625 MHz was 59+10 
915-Eastern-Iow 4640:06:36:45   Still Waiting & Tracking 
DO2FOX 4640:06:37:27   No Signal here in Frankfurt a.M. :-( 
9A8MM 4640:06:37:43   SuitSat not heard, 143.625 MHz was 59+10 
I4JUQ 4640:06:37:59   1 second only tx in a minute? is it operational? 
YU7CD 4640:06:38:38   no signal but very strongly on 143.625 :( 
g1egz 4640:06:39:032   tones, and noise heard..not able to decypher 
DL4LZX 4640:06:39:55   nothing, just nothing :-( 
YO8TLC 4640:06:40:05   NO SIGNAL AT ALL. Very sorry!  
IQ3ME 4640:06:41:38   NIL on VHF/UHF strong voice on ISS-COM to TsUP 
9A7P 4640:06:42:00   nothing in croatia :-( 
PB0AAQ 4640:06:42:30   02:57z EL:6.3 NoSignal Utrecht Vy Pity ! 
i0qm 4640:06:42:305   voice chanel only 
it9gsv 4640:06:43:331   only 1sec of voice very poor signal 
TA2T 4640:06:43:36   No signal 
wolwd 4640:06:43:48   nothing yet, still hopeful 
DJ3AK 4640:06:44:45   sri.. nothing heard 
EA3CVY 4640:06:45:351   Noise level 
M0CKY/P 4640:06:45:43   Nothing heard above noise floor in Barnsley 
EA3CVY 4640:06:45:441   Noise level 
mace 4640:06:46:18   no signal in Czech republic 
DL8SCU 4640:06:46:39   No Signal 
EB8AUU 4640:06:46:53   No signal over Canary Islands. 
EB8AUU 4640:06:47:04   No signal over Canary Islands. 
PP2RON 4640:06:47:05    
PY4ZBZ 4640:06:49:09   NO SIGNAL 
KI4MMZ 4640:06:51:061   just make out voice for approx two seconds using pre amp not positive ID sounded like W>D. 
PP2RON 4640:06:54:59   Nothing heard in central Brazil 
TA1B 4640:07:00:45  2 No Signal 
PP5FMM 4640:07:01:39   No signal over BRAZIL - Sta Catarina isl. 
LU8DC 4640:07:03:17   No Signal 
CE3TMM 4640:07:03:34   NO SIGNAL 
PT2TD 4640:07:04:11   No signal 
PT7ZHD 4640:07:04:23   nothing on GP-antenna 
ZZ1ARE 4640:07:05:56   SORRY. NO SIGNAL. 
PY2RML 4640:07:06:51   Nothing here until now. 
LU5EGY 4640:07:11:15   No signal heard in Buenos Aires 
lw3ewz 4640:07:13:255   only packet  
CE3TMM 4640:07:13:58   NOT SIGNAL 
LW3DRH 4640:07:15:02   No signal over my QTH in Tandil City (Argentina) 
LU4FDV 4640:07:17:32   No signal 02,00 to 02,20 UTC 
ZL1AOX 4640:07:24:521   No signal heard 02:04 to 02:08z 4th Feb 2006 
EA4JJ 4640:07:52:311    
JH3XCU/1 4640:07:55:50   Nothing heard, Max. elevation 66 degrees 
SWL (SQ5) 4640:08:08:17   no signal heard 
sw1lhp 4640:08:08:331   very very weak signal 
TA1D 4640:08:10:191   vy pity vy poor signal not enought for picture copy. 
i0qm 4640:08:15:47   nil here 
IZ6BYY 4640:08:16:041   Barely noticeable - 4.3 degrees elevation 
5B4AGL 4640:08:16:171   very weak signal 
ha5ts 4640:08:17:381   vy weak meanwhile 143.625 MHz was booming 
cx1th 4640:08:32:261   very small signal  
LW3DRH 4640:08:49:351   I was listening a short burst of CW signal 
JH3XCU/1 4640:09:32:211   still very weak 
JH3XCU/1 4640:09:34:521   weak signal 
lu2xpk 4641:19:59:081   very small signal  

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